31 December 2009

Tough Beetle

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26 December 2009

Aftermarket vs Stock

Saw this interesting pair of white Swift Sports nearby a friend's house.

One was almost bone stock (the one behind) whereas the one in front
has Ganador mirrors, front splitter, big brake kit, rear lip
carbonfibre spoiler etc

Different strokes for different folks eh?

Devil Z

Spotted this mean looking 350Z at Raffles Place. Dual air intakes hint
at something sinister beneath the carbonfibre bonnet...

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24 December 2009

Formula Drift Malaysia: Full Coverage

My coverage on Formula Drift Malaysia is out. Sorry for the delay people as I was rushing to clear my work before going on annual leave :)

Anyhow, the Speedhunters article is here.

18 December 2009

Formula Drift MY!

On my way to FD MY with the folks from Goodyear. Watch this space for
pics and posts over the weekend!

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25 November 2009

Battle of The 458s

Most serious car fans would have seen this already but in case you have been hiding under a rock for the past 2 months (like I did, cos I was mourning the sale of my S15)... Presenting the 'official' video of the new Ferrari 458 Italia. Very Italian, very passionate.

P.S. Instead of a 2nd post, I decide to combine the tributes I found from Gran Turismo 5 and Forza below as well. Can't decide which one I like more among the three videos. What do you think?

Gran Turismo 5


24 November 2009

White Killer

OTT gt wing hp seems to work alright when you are a white 911 Cayman...

PS. Thanks to Dan and Eu Jin for exposing my poor knowledge of Porsches :)

28 October 2009

Top 8 reasons why real men drive manual

Nice article from Asiaone


More and more Singaporeans are now favouring cars with automatic or semi-automatic transmissions.

Even car dealers find it impractical to bring in manual transmission cars (where can we get a six-speed manual Golf GTI without indenting one?).

It's a vicious cycle. But real men still drive manual cars, according to an AskMen.com article.

We list here their some of their top reasons:

8) A manual transmission is the ultimate in control

The manual transmission is for the alpha male, the one holding the TV remote. Men would rather be the boss than the subordinate. A car with a manual transmission lets the driver be the boss of the car, says AskMen.com. Throttle response will always be immediate unlike some modern automatic boxes. We tend to agree.

7) You can use motoring jargon and not sound like a total fool

Having the ability to drive stick can make you sound like an authority on all things motoring when chatting to the fairer sex, even if you don't know what you're blabbering about. Unless your date is a motoring journalist.

6) You can't spell "manual" without "man"

Our favourite reason among AskMen.com's top ten list. Manual transmission is man because you can't say one without saying the other. Try saying "manual" without first saying "man".

Automatic boxes aren't considered cool and they have nicknames to go along with it. "Slushbox", for instance. "Flappy paddle gearboxes" just doesn't cut it as well. To AskMen.com, "nothing flappy will ever be manly."

5) Manual transmissions prove you can multi-task

Society looks up to people who can multi-task complex motor movements. Just look at the guy who got famous by shaking his hands and legs in different directions. He got hired by Visa for their ads.

Shifting a manual car is also quite complex. You have to release the accelerator with the right foot, depress the clutch with the left, use your right hand to select a different gear and then simultaneously release the clutch as you accelerate, hoping to engage clutch and throttle at that optimum rpm.

4) You can't drift in an auto

Hmm. AskMen.com says drifting is the most extreme form of car control. Driving it sideways requires a massive set of, erm, courage, and a car with a manual transmission.

A manual transmission is beneficial for drifting because you can keep the engine in the sweet spot of its powerband. Try it in an auto and watch the fun die as the transmission shifts up early and kills the power.

(top) Ivan Lim, Singapore's top drift driver manoevuring his car in a drift movement.

3) No more fancy moves in an automatic

There'll be no more heel-toe technique in an automatic, considered to be the elite driving manoeuvre in the motor racing world, says AskMen.com.

The heel-toe manoeuvre allows one to downshift, rev-match and brake all at once.

The driver will operate the clutch normally with the left foot. The ball of the right foot will be on the brake, slowing the car down, while at the same time the right heel of the foot will "blip" the throttle during gear change. This will match engine speed to the wheel speed. Benefits? It keeps the engine in the desired powerband and reduces drivetrain jolt, greatly reducing wear and tear on the transmission.

2) Manual transmission cars are more fun

Having control over your is advantageous. An engine performs best at a certain rpm range, the "sweet spot" so to speak. At the "sweet spot" the power curve generally gets more aggressive.

With a manual car, says AskMen.com, you can find out exactly where this sweet spot is and keep the car there. But with an automatic, the car will most probably shift up before you hit the spot.

1) You'll never look bad if you can drive manual

A friend lent you his car to drive because he's too drunk to get behind the wheel. And being the nice guy that you are, you'll send the ladies home too. Imagine the embarrassment you feel when you reach the car, only to find that it is a manual. Which you can't drive because you're lazy enough to take your driving test in an automatic car. Real men have never experienced such embarrassment.

22 October 2009

Racer Ferrari

When u drunk and you spot one.

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21 October 2009

LF-A Production Version

The production version of the LF-A is finally here.

Here's the rundown of what's important: 4.8L V10, 460 PS, 37.5 mil Yen

Photo credit: Dino Dalle Carbonare

19 October 2009

Final shoot of my s15 yesterda

Final shoot of my s15 yesterday with old friend Ryo's s2000. Goodbye!

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18 October 2009

Night Drive

Saw two buddies topping up their machines before presumably going for a cruise. Cool...

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Just met a middle-aged guy dri

Just met a middle-aged guy driving a stock looking rx8 at a hifi shop and then when the bonnet was popped.. Woah, saw a large snail and a rx7 engine. Real friendly guy and an obvious car lover, just don't mess around if you see him on the road alright? :)

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15 October 2009

Viper Alarm System on iPhone

Viper Alarm has developed an App on iPhone that allow you to control all the Car Alarm features from your phone.

It includes remote start, trunk release, lock, unlock and many more.

Follow the videos below to see how it work.

14 October 2009

Subaru STI FT-86

We had shown you the Toyota FT-86.

Here's a sketch from the Subaru camp.

According to the Autoblog, the Japanese rumormongers expect the STI version of the coupe to debut at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show (after the standard model is revealed next year), complete with Subaru's 250-hp EJ25 2.5-liter boxer. Similar to the dual-injected, 200-hp EJ20 fitted to its Toyota brethren, the engine will remain naturally aspirated, but a turbocharged version hasn't been ruled out.

In addition to a wider track and upgraded tires, wheels and brakes, expect the STI version to don a gaping front fascia and a sizeable rear wing, similar to the camo-covered mule we saw in the latest round of spy shots. If Subaru wants to compete with the rest of the high-horsepower sports cars, it better get cracking, because competition is fierce, and the only way it can compete is to keep the price down and the weight in check.

07 October 2009

The Return of The Hachiroku (86)

I last posted about Toyota and Subaru teaming up to co-develop an affordable sports-coupe.

Now, the official photos of the car (codemamed FT-86) is out. The FT-86 will make its world debut at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month. The production version of this 2+2 seater sports coupe, whose conceptual name harks back to the popular RWD Corolla AE86 or better known as Hachiroku, is due to go on sale towards the end of 2011.

“The FT-86 Concept is neither an electric vehicle nor a hybrid vehicle, but is a sports model with a gasoline engine developed to convey the essential appeal of automobiles in a new era. It is a must-see concept car that expresses TMC’s desire to once again create a Toyota sports car,” the Japanese automaker said in a release published on its official site.

The FT-86 is powered by a front-mounted, 2-liter four-cylinder boxer engine sourced from Subaru that drives the rear wheels. Official details are still scarce but our source says that Toyota opted to equip the concept model with a naturally-aspirated version of Subaru’s 2-liter flat four that produces 150hp in the Impreza. But it is very likely that Toyota has tweaked the engine to crank out a few more horses to boost output closer to the 200 mark.

It’s worth noting that in Japan, Subaru also offers a 2.0-liter turbocharged boxer with 250HP that powers the Impreza S-GT that we all know as the WRX in most markets.

Considering details are scarce, we can only guess at which powertrains will be available on the production version of the FT-86. Two logical choices will be either Subaru’s 2-liter and 2.5-liter four-cylinder boxer engines (depending on the market) in both naturally aspirated and turbocharged forms.

As for the looks of the car, our source suggests that the design of the car won’t change much when it reaches production in 2011. But the same can’t be said of the interior though as it still is too conceptual for production.

As mentioned before, the FT-86 will also spawn a Subaru version that will share the same underpinnings and mechanical hardware but according to the two Japanese automakers, the duo will feautre its own distinct styling.

06 October 2009

Cracked Ferrari

I saw this over at iCars Singapore and I must say its the most ingenious way of simultaneously spoiling a perfectly fine 599 in the name of publicity and making more money.

29 September 2009

Nice Driving Skills and BALLS

28 September 2009

S2K mega meet up

Almost 30 Honda roadsters showed up yesterday in Changi. Should be a record for Singapore!

Photo credit: Eugene Seow

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27 September 2009

Zenki or Kouki?

Choose your poison. My vote goes to the Kouki as I like the angular front more

P.S. For confused non-Silvia aficionados, read here. Actually both cars are Zenkis, with one doing the Kouki front conversion :)

Photo Credit: Eclipse, Driftgarage

23 September 2009

How to spoil a 350Z

By installing a OTT widebody kit that ruin the original lines, and not washing the white car until it looks gray :(

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22 September 2009

F1 is in town

Look who is here in Singapore ?

21 September 2009

Bumblebee @ Sengkang

Chevrolet has a roadshow at Compass Point today and the Camaro was the centrepiece. No RHD model for Singapore though :(

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20 September 2009

Twin Blackbirds

Was playing Wangan Midnight at the Hougang Mall arcade this afternoon and viola~ Saw this neat pair of black Porsches a short while later at Raffles Place.

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18 September 2009

Superman vs Prius

16 September 2009

The Lambo That Wants To Be A Scud

If you own a Lambo, please don't put Challenge Stradale or 430 Scud stripes please.... :(

For The Love Of F1

In addition to MJ's 'passion' for bikini-clad girls, his other passion is in motorsports. This year, he is a deputy sector marshal in the Singapore F1 night race.

Click on the picture to read more about his other passion in this month's Pioneer magazine.

14 September 2009

Drift Garage Tears Up Kallang II

Attended the Drift Garage/MPT carnival event on Sunday and there were the usual suspects ...

Demo cars.

Drift performances by Drift Garage's members.

Some of the other cars performing drift runs and carpark rallies (though I didn't see any rallying!)

A cool F1 driving simulator by Bridgestone, which I didn't try for fear of revealing how bad a wheelman I am..

Its always fun attending grass-roots style events, catching up with fellow enthusiasts with our JDM machines parked all around. I could think of worse ways to spend a Sunday afternoon than this!

11 September 2009

Drift Garage Tears Up Kallang

Ever wanted to know more about drifting in Singapore? Can't get enough of the drift action at Formula Drift in July? Want to get to know the who's who in Singapore's drifting scene? Or maybe you just want see for yourself up close what a drift car is really like... Here's how you can access the cars and the stars:

Date: 13 Sep 2009
Day: Sunday
Time: 12pm
Place: Kallang Car park A

Drift Garage (DG) will be holding a members' meet there so the public and new members alike can mingle, get membership upgrades, place orders for Drift Garage merchandise like T-shirts and bumper stickers or just mingle with their drift cars.

Get practical advice from our senior DG members on how to get started in drifting or just get up to date with the drift scene, and be in tuned with the latest news and events coming up this year.

Don't forget the camera too because there will be some real drift action by some of our best drifters. The now famous Dninja S15 Silvia (as featured in Hotstuff, Hypertune and Xtreme etc) will be there too. This will be the ultimate photo opportunity or just ask for an autograph! Want a ride in Dninja S15? Are you feeling lucky?

Upcoming Hotstuff feature car the "Dream Factory" gold WRX driven by DG member KYO who will also be doing a demo on that day. See a WRX drift in Singapore for the first time!

Initial D fans will be delighted as Takahashi Keisuke's FD3S driven by and Akiyama Wataru's AE86 Levin and God's Hand S2000, God's Leg R34 and possibly even the AE86 Trueno driven by Fujiwara Takumi will be out in force!

This Sunday will also be the biggest turn out of S13/200SXs in Singapore. Thinking of buying a Silvia? Stick around and see if there is one you like. Make an offer and who knows, you can be drifting with DG on their very next drift day!

When you are there, look out for the senior members in white colour DG T-shirts and identify yourself. Alternatively, you can look out for the DG banner that will be prominently displayed near the gathering area.

This Sunday, hang out with the cars and stars at Kallang with DRIFT GARAGE, the one and only Singapore forum for drift enthusiasts, by drift enthusiasts.

"Don't miss it!"

Excerpted from Drift Garage e-invite
Photo Credits: Julian, 8Flo

08 September 2009

Changi Motorsports Hub proposals roll in

Hugely interesting article on how the Changi track will pan out. Read. NOW.

Business Times - 08 Sep 2009

Changi Motorsports Hub proposals roll in

All three bidders have clearly different visions, despite putting in similar elements


(SINGAPORE) Three visions of one dream were on display yesterday when parties vying to build and operate Changi Motorsports Hub (CMH) unveiled their proposals.

Guidelines issued by the Singapore Sports Council (SSC) for the 41 hectare site include a track of at least 3.5 km to be certified Grade 2 by the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) and Grade 1 by the Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM).

All three bidders have incorporated elements such as retail, F&B, training academy, Go-Kart track and capacity for at least 30,000 spectators in their bids - but their visions clearly differ.

Singapore Agro Agricultural (SAA)'s 4.37km track will not only meet the FIA-2 and FIM-1 standards but has been designed so it could be extended for Formula One racing should the opportunity arise, SAA said.

The company, whose shareholder Tan Chee Beng is a director of Turf City Management, has also landed an agreement to bring in the hugely popular MotoGP, Formula Ford, Clio Cup and Asia GT races.

SAA reckons that cost of developing its Changi International Speedway at CMH will be around $250-$300 million, to be financed by a mix of debt and investment. It expects to recoup the investment over five years.

Haw Par Corp's wholly owned subsidiary Sports Services proposes to develop a 3,000-member motorsports country club to offset the hefty project cost of CMH - 'in excess of $200 million' - and operating costs. Details of club fees and subscription charges are still to be ironed out.

Sports Services also plans for a Customs-bonded zone with a 563-car garage, where enthusiasts can keep supercars without having to pay massive duty.

For instance, a duty free Ferrari 430F1 Spider has an OMV of $210,000 - plus roughly $255,000 in duty. However, the duty-free car would have to remain within the zone.

Sports Services' plan for a 4.2km track is expected to fulfil FIM-1 certification as well as FIA-1T, which means F1 cars could be tested.

So far, it has signed letters of intent with Australia's V8Supercars and Super GT out of Japan to bring those races here. Other potential events include Asian Superbike, Formula Drift and Race Masters Championship.

Meanwhile, SG Changi, a consortium that includes Kart World owner Thia Yoke Kian, has plans for a 3.7km track in line with FIA-2 requirements. But citing safety issues, it says that its track would not meet the FIM-1 grade at present.

Other SG Changi directors include former Japan GT driver Genji Hashimoto and Singaporean Eddie Koh.

SG Changi has secured letters of interest for international events such as FIA-GT, Super GT, Formula Nippon and Nippon Formula 3, as well as regional series such as Motorsports Asia.

Its $280 million vision for the CMH will be bankrolled largely by foreign investor Auto Trading Luft Japan. The plan includes an R&D facility, motorsports museum and a 120-room 3-4 star hotel.

The winning bidder, which will operate the track for 30 years, will be selected by the first quarter of next year.

Copyright © 2007 Singapore Press Holdings Ltd. All rights reserved.

Ken Block vs Rob Dyrdek

More of Ken Block and his legendary Gymkhana skills. This time he brings along skate-boarder Rob Dyrdek to pilot a kart that has been modeled after Block’s Subaru STI V.10. The video shows Dyrdek trying to keep up with Block in his kart. There’s not much show of skill as previous video’s but there’s an element in here that was not present in the past, humour, lots of it. Enjoy the video.

07 September 2009

The Real McCoy

Hands up for those who recognize the Veilside Fortune RX7 in F&F3. I see everyone's hands are waving wildly in the air.

Hands up all for those who love the looks of the car? Most hands are still firmly up.

Now hands up for those who have driven the real one? You got Lucas Black and Allen Lorenzo's hands still up, with shit-eating grins plastered on their faces.

Now Lucas is the male lead of F&F3, who's Allen Lorenzo? Just a regular Joe, if you call working for Tomei USA, being involved in Tarzan's record breaking Time Attack Impreza AND owning the original Veilside RX7 normal!

He's selling it off after two years and I would say the tribute photoshoot sums up the car very nicely. But I can't quite decide which smokin' hot orange Oriental I like more!

Nah, just kidding, my vote goes to the car.

P.S. The car is sold through Newera Imports. Check out their awesome site here. Their write ups about their cars in stock put many so-called car mags to shame.