17 January 2009

Wide. Yellow. JDM. Silvia.

Widebodies can be very overdone nowadays, with GT-style aerokits overpowering the original lines of many cars. URAS and GP Sports, I am looking at you. And that's why it's very, very refreshing to see a Vertex Ridge kit fitted to a S15.

Subtle widening of the rear fenders as if the S15 rolls out of Nissan's Omori factory looking like this. Perfectly flushed rims fitment. A pair of Bride seats inside continues the top notch JDM style build.

Rays rims look the goods. Although Wilwood brakes detract slightly from the overall look, there's no doubt they are a big improvement over OE.

The kit costs about S$8,000, inclusive of freight, paintwork and fitting. You can see that the end result is worth every penny. RESPECT.

ST Wangan FD RX7

I was at ST Wangan (based in Sunway, Malaysia) to repair my S15 when my turbo water line cracked on a run up north to watch Japan GT in Sepang. Perhaps the only consolation was getting to see their demo RX7 while I waited for a new water line to be fitted.

It looks like a RE Amemiya tribute vehicle, though JDM fans will spot that the wheels used are Volks, not Enkei as preferred by RE. Anyway, the FD looks amazing up close and is already featured in several magazines to date.

Bumble Bee WRX

If Transformer is a Japanese cartoon... This is how Bumble Bee will look like. :)

Oh wait, I recall seeing some Japanese Transformers in a toy store. I think it was a Honda S2000. Anyone know what other JDM cars are available as Transformers-type robots?

Silvias of Singapore

This was taken a few months back at Kallang. Due to the fact that Singapore doesn't allow for the importing of used cars older than 3 years old, the population of Silvias in Singapore is declining with exporting and accidents taking their toll gradually.

Having said that, we still have a very active group of core members and our forum is a lively place. Click here to visit our forum.

With prices of cars being one of the most expensive in the world (a 2nd hand 5 year old S15 cost S$50-60k and when brand new, a S15 goes for S$120-130k in the showrooms!!!), most of us use our S15 as daily drivers. To me, that just means more time to enjoy driving this modern classic.

I recalled once when I was out car shopping with a friend who's looking to buy a 2nd hand BMW. The sales guy asked me what I am driving and I said a Nissan. He said that he'll give me a good price if I am looking to upgrade my car to a BMW as well.

I said "Sure, show me a rear wheel drive, turbocharged coupe with 400 bhp AND a sub 1300 kg kerb weight, I'll be really keen." :)

The club has our fair share of drifters, with a few of them having participated in D1GP in Malaysia as well as the first Formula Drift held outside of USA in Singapore last year. As for the rest of us, there are also track junkies, show&shine specialists etc. Expect a slew of Silvia features soon.

Carbon Clad Cars Commence

I am born and raised in Singapore, having followed the performance car scene over the years, aided by the fact that my dad used to run a car repair shop.

I hope to share my field reports of Singapore's tuning garages, features on the many outstanding modified machines as well as random sightings of exotic supercars, with car enthusiasts from all over the world.

Personally, I am more of a Japanese car fan and I drive a Nissan Silvia S15. I have owned my S15 for the last 2 years or so, slowly tuning it up to my dream specs. I have also shamelessly used it as the blog banner...

Being an active member of Silvia Club Singapore, I had the honour of writing the article when our club was featured in Hotstuff Singapore (a local tuning car magazine) a while back. I'll also be digging up pictures I have taken over the years, calling up some friends to feature their cars so more posts will come up pretty soon.

See you around!