05 February 2010

Retro Porsches

I gotta admit I am generally not a big fan of Porsches. They are a bit mid-life crisis or fat-cat investment bankers for me.

The only ones I like are the over-the-top 997 GT3 (preferably RS) or old school ones like the 964 (courtesy of Louis pointing out my Porsche ignorance :P ) above, the kind that demand driver respect and skills or they WILL wrap you around a tree.

Now if the owner will morph it into this Rauh Welt monster...

04 February 2010

Members of the Family

Remember this ER34? It has since changed colour and has more members (1x Integra, 1x R35 and last but not least, 1x Every!) in its family now.

Front wheel drive, check.
Rear wheel drive, check.
All wheel drive, check.

Suffice to say, the owner is one lucky guy!

03 February 2010

Motoring Oxymoron

American Muscle but Made In China? Go figure.

02 February 2010

Nismo R34 GT500 Prototype

I can't believe it's more than 10 years ago since the debut of the R34 GTRs in GT500.

Ah, the wonders of Youtube. Enjoy!

01 February 2010

Garage36 Goodness

Louis Soon, an active photographer for BMW.SG and all-round car enthusiast has started his own blog and the results are awesome!

In his own words, he is "just your average BMW E36 driver/owner. I don't really have my own garage, i just thought "Garage36" sounded cool...... Also, i created this blog to showcase my automotive-centric trip to JDM-land and Tokyo Auto Salon 2010! Oh, i help out at the local unofficial BMW enthusiast club with some writeups and testdrives too."

Check out his blog here.

31 January 2010


Visual cues spoiling an otherwise perfectly nice car: F430 Scuderia
top stripes, 911 GT3 RS side stripes, Prancing Horse logo and RS
badge, topped off with a gawky driver. FAIL.