14 March 2009

Geylang Outdoor Party

I was at the Shell car wash between Geylang Lor 18 and 20, a guy drove up in his neon-lit, Swastika-clad van and set up a mobile discotheque to the amazement of everyone...

Pearl White ER34

Choice additions like R34 GTR rims, R34 GTR Brembos, Ganador aero mirrors and GT wing accentuate the looks of this particular ER34, which I spotted a couple of days ago at Bishan Junction 8.

The ER34's side profile shows off its long wheelbase, while the immaculate pearl white paintwork serve to further enlarge its overall visual presence. I like.

Ichigo-faced, F430-rear

After Vincent's GT-style S15-front 180sx, we bring you another hybrid 180sx. The ichigo front conversion needs no further introduction. This particular 180sx sports a C-West front bumper which is a common JDM (Johor Domestic Model!) ripoff from our neighbours up north.

F430-inspired rear is a pretty cool idea. Guess which exhaust is there for aesthetic purposes only? Overall, unique looking car. Props.

13 March 2009

Crazy Swede & Rare Raging Bull

Another great, great Lamborghini video, this time on the new limited edition (only 350 of these will be produced) Murcielago LP 670-4 Super Veloce.

It produces 670 horsepower, and is 220lbs lighter than a normal Murcielago. It truly is a supercar - it does zero to sixty in only 3.2 seconds!

If Samuel Hubinette drifting this monster doesn't get your pulse racing, that's because you are dead.

12 March 2009

Made-in-China Takumi

Hilly and unpaved roads? Check.

Made-in-China RWD truck? Check.

Rollcage made of scaffolding? Check.

Just another day in this madhatter Chinese drifter's life then. If he can drift that p.o.s, imagine what he can do with a proper drift car. He has my respect.

For Love of the Game

The modifying game that is.

The last two weeks have been the most frustrating time of my life where ownership of the S15 is concerned. In short, the tuning and wiring were screwed, resulting in the S15 breaking down 4 times in a row and I had to have it towed 3 times, including once on the highway at midnight...

Sometimes I really wonder whether driving a modified Japanese performance car is worth all the hassles - the pathetic fuel consumption, the erratic unreliability (I mentioned half in jest to my girlfriend at times that my theme song should be Coldplay's "Fix You"), the endless attention from traffic cops......

Goddamn it, my S15 couldn't even make it for the Silvia Club Singapore shoot which I organized last Sunday.

Finally, I got everything fixed by ST Powered - new ECU harness wiring, properly set-up earth wiring in the engine bay, new NGK spark plugs, Splitfire coilpacks and a fresh tune by Furukawa (more on his renowned tuning in a later post).

When I finally fired her up, blipping the throttle a few times for good measure and felt the roar of the HKS exhaust reverberate throughout the cabin, my doubts went away.

When I heel-and-toe and power through the corners with a sh*t-eating grin on my face, I consider myself blessed to enjoy the thrill of a turbo-charged, well-sorted, gorgeous-looking, rear wheel drive sports coupe.

They just don't make 'em like they used to anymore.

GT-styled & Ichigo-faced

The title of this post is probably complete gibberish to anyone who's not in Silvias or isn't a car nerd. I got to know the owner Vincent Tan and he sent me this awesome picture amongst others.

LOOK - Built by Malaysian tuner Monster Garage, his one-of-a-kind 180sx feature a custom GT-style widebody , with a S15 (ichigo) front conversion.

GO - The car is currently running 350 bhp at 1.2 bar of boost, courtesy of a Apexi turbine and mild head works.

TURN - Buddy Club specR coilovers with height and rebound adjustments help Vincent's 180sx to carve through corners.

STOP - To rein in the power, Brembo F40 calipers are installed up front paired with R32 calipers out back.

As fate would have it, I realized I have seen his car a couple of years back at a demo stand outside the Sepang F1 track during the Super GT race then.

Here's another picture I took then. Amazing styling coupled with 50 more bhp than the GT300 series, it looks ready to rock and roll with the best that Japan has to offer!

11 March 2009

I love SwifuSpos but....

I thoroughly enjoyed the times when I get to drive my sister's SwifuSpo'. That's how the Japanese endearingly pronounce Suzuki Swift Sports, similar to how Silvia becomes 'Silbeer'.

But a Pokémon-liveried example with a GTR badge is a bit too much for my tastes...

10 March 2009

Singapore Supercars Galore!

Eugene Seow who contributed the photos for the CTR SG post, has a good collection of supercar photos on Flicker, be it...

A bunch of track ready Lotuses...

Raging bulls painting the town red...

And of course, no supercar photos collection is replete without some prancing ponies.

Check out his photostream for more!

Snow Whites Go Old School

Came across several cars recently, which happened to share the following common traits:

1) from the early to mid 1990s
2) white
3) aged well

Enjoy the pictures!

Zenki S14

GC WRX with replica TE37s

And this mystery car, I think its a Porsche but once again my Porsche knowledge is severely limited. Anyone can tell me what this is?

Not a MR2 with bodykit

Is our man Dino really tall or is the Enzo really low? A smartass on Facebook asked (tongue in cheek) whether this is a MR2 with a custom widebody bodykit....

08 March 2009

Silvia Club SG Meet Up - Sneak Pics!

Proceedings are already hot today with temperatures scorching above 36 degree celsius... But the heat went up a few more notches when some of the most modified Silvias and Skylines in Singapore descended upon Sentosa!

About 15 cars turned up including examples like Heng's drift ready S15 (read about his car in this month's Hotstuff)

How would any Silvia meet up be complete without some side way shenanigans?

These are just some sneak pics as our photographer Julian Poon sort through the rest of the group and individual pictures. Props to him for enduring the heat and snapping away, while the rest of us hide in the shade.

I would like to say a big "thank you!" to all regular members as well as the new faces that attended. I'm sure we'll all have loads more motoring fun in the future. How about a b-road drive up north very soon? (see here for hint)

Awesome group pictures coming up over the next few days. Watch this space!

CTR.SG 1st Anniversary Celebration

The Civic Type R is the weapon of choice amongst Honda tuners in Japan now. The same can be said in Singapore, given the availability of parts, the bulletproof reliability you can expect from Honda, more than 100bhp per litre and four doors to top it off.

The Civic Type R Singapore (CTR SG) club celebrate its first anniversary last month and here are some photos:

Guess the favourite colour among Singaporean CTR owners?

J's Racing has got really big in Singapore. Signature dolphin tail exhaust (well not really signature, because I think RE Amemiya popularized this look first). The catback exhaust likely adds about 5 by itself. Sizeable for a NA car that is already so highly tuned from the factory.

Mugen style front fenders on the leftmost CTR??

Aloof blue CTR by itself. If I am not wrong, the Chinese character 'yi' on the front bumper is the logo of a local auto-styling shop.

Here's wishing the Honda CTR guys all the best and even greater numbers for their sophomore effort next year!