04 July 2009

Formula Drift Sneak Peeks

I was at Changi Exhibition Centre today for the Formula Drift media briefing, during which Ivan mentioned he is looking to place in the top 5. Here's hoping all 6 Singapore drifters put up a strong showing!

After the briefing, it was photo op time before Ivan Lim and other members of Team Goodyear commence scaring the shit out of the other poor journalists during the joy rides.

After splitting from the media briefing, I went looking for the Ford GT I saw on my way in...

550 bhp of American muscle, I think it belongs to Goodyear. Test drive please?

Parked besides the Ford supercar are three brand new 370Zs are Tan Chong. The 370Z is the official safety car for Formula Drift though for the life of me, I can't figure out how you will need a safety car in a drift competition...

But I am loving the revised looks of the latest Z. More focus, less flab, MORE horsepower. Yeah baby, yeah. My test drive will be sometime this month. Can't wait.

Moving to the pits, I supposed this give me an idea of the kind of weekend we can look forward to. Binter is coughing up a shitload of tyres for this one. Damn, plenty of tyre sizes and widths that I can use for my S15.

Plenty of stripped out hardcore drift machines in the pit but three particular cars caught my attention.

Actually its four cars but two were visually identical Lexus Aristos fielded by Type R Club from Hong Kong. Yes the top mount HKS T04Z snail did catch my initial attention but its the overall presentation of the two cars that impress me greatly. The entire build screams professionalism and top quality parts, with the mechanics looking deadly serious while setting up the car.

What a MX-5 doing in a drift competition? I disagree at first solely on principle, then I see the stripped out interior, welded in roll cage and industrial-sized bottle of NOS mounted in the back, with driver Jatuphon grinning like a Cheshire cat saying, "I like something different.."

Then I decide this maniac Miata could be fun to watch on race day.

Decide I'll end with some shots of Ivan Lim's daily driver. White on green TE37s with crazy offset and flared fenders. Plenty of other neat details such as removal of the rear wiper, no visible FMIC which likely means a V-mount.

Possibly the most understated yet coolest S15 in Singapore.

Formula Drift Singapore is shaping out to be better than last year.

03 July 2009

Life at 324 km/hr...

The F40 was the Ferrari that made me a fan of the marque, why you say? A Japanese guy did 324 km/hr in it in 1992 (!!) and filmed himself touching its top speed on an expressway only to be arrested after he sold a videotape to an undercover policeman.

By that time, he already sold ten thousand videos!

Progress according to Audi

A not-so-subtle jibe by Audi. Jason Statham trying to escape pursuit in a Mercedes and BMW which he crashes, followed by a Buick (?) which he look at in resignation. And finally, the new supercharged A6...

Karporn Tyres & Rims Sales Babes

Here's some of the sales babes in Karporn Tyres and Rim Shop. More to come later.

02 July 2009

FD Singapore coverage commences tomorrow

Julian, MJ and I will be covering Formula Drift, starting from tomorrow's driver briefing and media session, all the way through the official race weekend.

Julian will shoot the cars, MJ will film (read: ogle) the girls and I'll put pen to paper.

Watch this space for extensive action from Changi Exhibition Centre!

Everyone can afford an Aston now !

Fancy being James Bond? Now you can! For a mere £20,000 you can now buy an Aston Martin.

In a shocking move, Aston Martin revealed that they are partnering with Toyota to produce an Aston version of the iQ micro car, to be known as the Aston Martin Cygnet. The "baby" Aston should be on sale before the end of next year.

Aston's chief executive Ulrich Bez says car manufacturers have to be prepared to diversify."We have to move on from the preconceived ideas regarding what an Aston Martin is about." .The Cygnet is designed to be a "luxury commuter" car which is a nod to the trend that "small is beautiful these days".

Before you go to your dealer to book this "baby", there is just one small catch - you can order a Cygnet only if you are an existing Aston owner.

Got to start saving up for that DB9 first after all...

What is sexier than a bikini car wash babe ?

The answer: The car !