03 April 2009

Random Sightings: Nismo Omori

I don't think anyone of us will ever get sick of pictures from the Mecca of Nissan tuning, Nismo's Omori factory. So here's some from a friend who went up a couple of months ago to visit.

In case of emergency, break glass for forged Nismo pistons...

OR you can buy an entire Nismo RB26DETT engine if you are cashed up enough. It's over S$30,000!

Look at how pristine the work area is... Compare that with the greasy garages in Singapore.

A closer look at one of the Nismo-supported Super Taikyu 350Zs.

Le Mans Nismo R33 GTR

And finally, the latest 800 bhp R34 GTR to roll out from Omori. Nah, just kidding. This is the beloved ride of the guy who brought us all these nice pictures. Thanks Adrian!

02 April 2009

Subtle Aggressor

While the M3 has move on from inline 6s to V8s, I still like the look of the previous gen E46. It looks more subtle compared to the bulging-bonnet-here-flared-vent-there E92.

In my opinion, the ideal styling for a M3 is best personified by an athletic guy with a taekwando black belt dressed up smartly in a Hugo Boss suit. The current E92 looks like a bodybuilder trying to squeeze himself into a tuxedo. Worse still, there are already bigger bodybuilders around like the C-class V8-powered AMGs...

So when you take the E46 M3 and put on a few choice exterior pieces such as a Vorsteiner CF bonnet and front splitter, a Vorsteiner CF boot and 19" DPE wheels, the results can be very stunning.

Check out the subtle but effective Eisemann Race exhaust.

Overall, this car packs enough visual aggression to let other drivers know it's aint one to be messed around with but still fly under the authorities' radar.
Photos courtesy of Julian Poon

425hp V8-engined delivery van

Ford has done something like this before dubbed the Transit Super Van 3

Now the UPS automotive team in the city of Langenhagen has followed in the spiritual footsteps of the Super Van 3.

These crazy Germans converted a seventeen year old, retired UPS package car into a powerful racing truck. The UPSers replaced the engine (the four cylinders were replaced by a V8 engine with 425hp!!!). The package car was fitted with a new rear axle, a flashy bumper, two exhaust pipes, new springs, fatter tires, chrome rims and a new cabin.

It's posted on 30 March so it could be an April's Fool joke but the footage looks rather convincing though...

01 April 2009

Mini launches Singapore's first colour-change car

Mini's first colour-morphing car will make its Asian debut in Singapore in June.­ Called the Mini Chameleon, the car's paint reacts to ambient temperatures and m­oisture and changes shades accordingly.

The car's colour would, for instance, brighten on a rainy day to improve visibil­ity and enhance driver safety, while on a sunny day, it would lighten to reflect­ heat, keeping drivers cool. Given its heat sensivity, colour changes could also­ warn of overheating engines. And this is all in additionto providing the striki­ng image of a colour-morphing car on the road even if it might make the car a li­ttle harder to spot in a car park if the weather changes.

Making the Chameleon possible is a recent breakthrough by Spanish-registered pai­nt and additives company, Payola Forlids. A similar liquid crystal based tempera­ture sensitive paint is already used for mood rings, tee-shirts and on toy cars,­ but the company had to work around challenges presented specifically posed by a­ctual cars. The car's colour had to morph evenly despite the car's angles and cu­rves, and the paint also needs to be able to weather the elements. The result is­ FeintPaint.

Payola Forlids plan to use the same paint technology for the military where camo­uflage vehicles could change their shades dependin on the time of day and the su­rroundings.

The Mini Chameleon will be in the Mini Habitat on 30th June 2009.


Kumakubo has already shown the way to building and drifting Subarus, so that's what our friend Vincent did with his MY04 WRX.

I didn't manage to get any drifting photos from him, but somehow I don't think you guys will mind these pictures instead.

LOOK: Besides the striking Top Secret gold bodywork, the Chargespeed catalogue was pillaged for a Ver1 front bumper, Ver2 rear bumper, carbon fibre bonnet and boot. Other exterior goodies are a Vortex Type 3 GT Wing and Advan Super Racing (ver 2) tri-spokes.

GO: The venerable EJ20 was given a forged rebuild and a fast spooling Mitsubishi TD06 20G turbine provides the boost. At high revs, the Turbosmart 38mm wastegate screams for people to get out of Vincent's way, while engine management is courtesy of an Autronic SM4. Fueling is serious with Power Entreprise 1000cc injectors, Walbro in-tank and Bosch 044 external fuel pumps with a customised surge tank.

All these equates to 303 whp @ 1.3 bar and 440 NM of torque, more-than-sufficient for the drifting shenanigans that our friend has in mind.

TURN: To handle the rigors of drifting, a stronger Subaru GC STI Type RA gearbox was fitted. A Cusco RS LSD enables optimal torque distribution between the rear wheels during high speed do-rift-to while Tanabe height/damper adjustable coilovers allow for geometry fine-tuning based on road conditions.


Nah, I am just messing with you. Enjoy!

31 March 2009

Vorsprung durch Technik

Guess who's at the Audi showroom today? I tell you, the guy's more car crazy than I am!

The gated gearshift is a proverbial piece of art. Love the wraparound driving position as well.

Only complaint is that while the engine display tries so hard to emulate a Ferrari's, yet the V8 valve cover is painted in such an un-inspiring colour for crying out loud.

For the more discreet, this uber saloon will take down everything on the NSH until its electronic nannies say STOP at 248kph! Spec it up a bit and you can get a delimited, truly scary 280kph!

Last but not least, for those who find the supercharged Mini Cooper S a bit too underpowered.

Down Under for The Hat Trick

First, its the Scotman who makes frequent trips to Japan. Then the Irish bloke who make even MORE trips to Japan. And to complete the trilogy of JDM-loving Caucasian car bloggers, we have Alexi Smith, an Aussie who in his own words, "moved from Australia to Japan to go drifting."

He added cryptically "I brought a camera and computer with me", then you realize he's a regular contributor on the Speedhunters site.

As an example of his connectivity with the JDM scene, here's an excerpt from his recent post which I really like:

"When I lived in Australia, I used to help run a drift club that put on track days about once a month. The circuit we used most of the time was no more than an hour’s drive away from most people in Sydney, yet you’d still hear the occasional whinger complain about the distance.

This S14 Silvia belongs to a girl named Michiko. She drove about 500km/310 miles from Nagoya to Utsunomiya to drift at Nikko Circuit, then drove back home the same day."

Oh, and Michiko (the one on the right) is pretty cute too.

Lastly, Alexi had this great shot of Nobuteru posing with his 180sx in a new pitch-black paintwork. Great underground JDM stuff you won't find in car magazines anytime soon.

Visit his blog Nori Yaro here.

Random Sightings: RE GT300 RX7, Daigo's Mustang, Team Orange Evo X

Some random snaps courtesy of Dino Dalle:

Team Orange's Evo X

Daigo (2008 D1GP champion) is currently contesting this Mustang for the 2009 season. Already ruffling the feathers of many diehard JDM fanboys.

Re Amemiya's 2009 entrant for GT300. It's sponsored by Mutiara Motors, a previously little-known Malaysian company. Interesting...

[ADV] The Most Exciting Way Around A Corner

Why do we love drifting? Keiichi Tsuchiya, also known as the "Drift King" for his nontraditional use of drifting in non-drifting racing events, and his role in popularizing drifting as a motorsport, sums it up for the rest of us through his now infamous quote:

"Drifting is not a quicker way around a corner, but the most exciting way."

Screeching tyres, billowing smoke, ridiculous slip angles, cars within inches of each other as they oversteer through hairpins in smooth, flowing, motions...

For the month of April, join our sister site www.carbonclad.com as we launch nine new designs to pay homage to the D1GP champions that are Kazama, Nobuteru, Nomuken, Gittin, Kumakubo, Kawabata and Ueo!

30 March 2009

Coolness Without Trying To Be

If this video don't get you into the drifting lifestyle, you just don't get it. It's coolness without trying to be.

Video courtesy of 360 Video Magazine. Check out the event write-up from Speedhunters, here and here.

Italian Fusion

There's just something very cool about a white Gallardo Spyder with electric blue interior, topped off with a Fusa knot.

Photo courtesy of Eugene Seow

Baby Bull at Sepang

Since I haven't had the chance yet to drive a supercar, much less race one on a track, here's the next best thing. I would have prefer if they mounted the camera in-cabin though, as the left turns were blocked out from mounting the camera on the right rear fender.

Oh well, it's still crystal clear footage from a Gallardo tearing it up in Sepang. Recording done using a VIO POV.1 adventure camera. Check it out here.

29 March 2009

Driftworks S15 ver2009

if you are in Silvias, you will know this car. Previously orange, it's sprayed in black for the 2009 British Drift Championship season.

Yes, it's the infamous Driftworks S15 with a 2JZ engine conversion.

In action at yesterday's DriftWhatYouBrung at UK's Santa Pod Raceway.

Some might not like the choice of wheels and over-the-top styling, but a S15oc member, Mark D, who witnessed the car in action said, "The pictures really don't do it justice. Especially when it's on the track. I'm not a great lover of the wheels on it either, but believe me, when you see it in the flesh. It's the last thing you worry about!"

Here's where the magic happen. Check out the unique turbo placement and how ridiculously short the turbo piping is... Yep, no turbo lag here.

In case you are still wondering about how much power it made. Yes, it's THAT crazy. This is what my S15 want to be when it grows up.

HKS SG Garage R Time Attack S15

Time Attack S15 Project by HKS Technical Factory Singapore Garage R & Onward Motorsports.

Video footage recorded during free practice at Traction Circle Club's (TCC) 9 March 2009 Trackday at Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia

Timing is about 2'33" right now but Garage R is confident it will go into 2'20"-ish as the car had full interior, audio and air-conditioning, not to mention drift-spec Hipermax D coilovers, 2-way LSD and only semislicks tyres during the run.

For the next round, LSD has been changed to a more tractable 1.5 and
a new front splitter fixed on for better aerodynamics.

Stay tuned.