11 September 2009

Drift Garage Tears Up Kallang

Ever wanted to know more about drifting in Singapore? Can't get enough of the drift action at Formula Drift in July? Want to get to know the who's who in Singapore's drifting scene? Or maybe you just want see for yourself up close what a drift car is really like... Here's how you can access the cars and the stars:

Date: 13 Sep 2009
Day: Sunday
Time: 12pm
Place: Kallang Car park A

Drift Garage (DG) will be holding a members' meet there so the public and new members alike can mingle, get membership upgrades, place orders for Drift Garage merchandise like T-shirts and bumper stickers or just mingle with their drift cars.

Get practical advice from our senior DG members on how to get started in drifting or just get up to date with the drift scene, and be in tuned with the latest news and events coming up this year.

Don't forget the camera too because there will be some real drift action by some of our best drifters. The now famous Dninja S15 Silvia (as featured in Hotstuff, Hypertune and Xtreme etc) will be there too. This will be the ultimate photo opportunity or just ask for an autograph! Want a ride in Dninja S15? Are you feeling lucky?

Upcoming Hotstuff feature car the "Dream Factory" gold WRX driven by DG member KYO who will also be doing a demo on that day. See a WRX drift in Singapore for the first time!

Initial D fans will be delighted as Takahashi Keisuke's FD3S driven by and Akiyama Wataru's AE86 Levin and God's Hand S2000, God's Leg R34 and possibly even the AE86 Trueno driven by Fujiwara Takumi will be out in force!

This Sunday will also be the biggest turn out of S13/200SXs in Singapore. Thinking of buying a Silvia? Stick around and see if there is one you like. Make an offer and who knows, you can be drifting with DG on their very next drift day!

When you are there, look out for the senior members in white colour DG T-shirts and identify yourself. Alternatively, you can look out for the DG banner that will be prominently displayed near the gathering area.

This Sunday, hang out with the cars and stars at Kallang with DRIFT GARAGE, the one and only Singapore forum for drift enthusiasts, by drift enthusiasts.

"Don't miss it!"

Excerpted from Drift Garage e-invite
Photo Credits: Julian, 8Flo

08 September 2009

Changi Motorsports Hub proposals roll in

Hugely interesting article on how the Changi track will pan out. Read. NOW.

Business Times - 08 Sep 2009

Changi Motorsports Hub proposals roll in

All three bidders have clearly different visions, despite putting in similar elements


(SINGAPORE) Three visions of one dream were on display yesterday when parties vying to build and operate Changi Motorsports Hub (CMH) unveiled their proposals.

Guidelines issued by the Singapore Sports Council (SSC) for the 41 hectare site include a track of at least 3.5 km to be certified Grade 2 by the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) and Grade 1 by the Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM).

All three bidders have incorporated elements such as retail, F&B, training academy, Go-Kart track and capacity for at least 30,000 spectators in their bids - but their visions clearly differ.

Singapore Agro Agricultural (SAA)'s 4.37km track will not only meet the FIA-2 and FIM-1 standards but has been designed so it could be extended for Formula One racing should the opportunity arise, SAA said.

The company, whose shareholder Tan Chee Beng is a director of Turf City Management, has also landed an agreement to bring in the hugely popular MotoGP, Formula Ford, Clio Cup and Asia GT races.

SAA reckons that cost of developing its Changi International Speedway at CMH will be around $250-$300 million, to be financed by a mix of debt and investment. It expects to recoup the investment over five years.

Haw Par Corp's wholly owned subsidiary Sports Services proposes to develop a 3,000-member motorsports country club to offset the hefty project cost of CMH - 'in excess of $200 million' - and operating costs. Details of club fees and subscription charges are still to be ironed out.

Sports Services also plans for a Customs-bonded zone with a 563-car garage, where enthusiasts can keep supercars without having to pay massive duty.

For instance, a duty free Ferrari 430F1 Spider has an OMV of $210,000 - plus roughly $255,000 in duty. However, the duty-free car would have to remain within the zone.

Sports Services' plan for a 4.2km track is expected to fulfil FIM-1 certification as well as FIA-1T, which means F1 cars could be tested.

So far, it has signed letters of intent with Australia's V8Supercars and Super GT out of Japan to bring those races here. Other potential events include Asian Superbike, Formula Drift and Race Masters Championship.

Meanwhile, SG Changi, a consortium that includes Kart World owner Thia Yoke Kian, has plans for a 3.7km track in line with FIA-2 requirements. But citing safety issues, it says that its track would not meet the FIM-1 grade at present.

Other SG Changi directors include former Japan GT driver Genji Hashimoto and Singaporean Eddie Koh.

SG Changi has secured letters of interest for international events such as FIA-GT, Super GT, Formula Nippon and Nippon Formula 3, as well as regional series such as Motorsports Asia.

Its $280 million vision for the CMH will be bankrolled largely by foreign investor Auto Trading Luft Japan. The plan includes an R&D facility, motorsports museum and a 120-room 3-4 star hotel.

The winning bidder, which will operate the track for 30 years, will be selected by the first quarter of next year.

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Ken Block vs Rob Dyrdek

More of Ken Block and his legendary Gymkhana skills. This time he brings along skate-boarder Rob Dyrdek to pilot a kart that has been modeled after Block’s Subaru STI V.10. The video shows Dyrdek trying to keep up with Block in his kart. There’s not much show of skill as previous video’s but there’s an element in here that was not present in the past, humour, lots of it. Enjoy the video.

07 September 2009

The Real McCoy

Hands up for those who recognize the Veilside Fortune RX7 in F&F3. I see everyone's hands are waving wildly in the air.

Hands up all for those who love the looks of the car? Most hands are still firmly up.

Now hands up for those who have driven the real one? You got Lucas Black and Allen Lorenzo's hands still up, with shit-eating grins plastered on their faces.

Now Lucas is the male lead of F&F3, who's Allen Lorenzo? Just a regular Joe, if you call working for Tomei USA, being involved in Tarzan's record breaking Time Attack Impreza AND owning the original Veilside RX7 normal!

He's selling it off after two years and I would say the tribute photoshoot sums up the car very nicely. But I can't quite decide which smokin' hot orange Oriental I like more!

Nah, just kidding, my vote goes to the car.

P.S. The car is sold through Newera Imports. Check out their awesome site here. Their write ups about their cars in stock put many so-called car mags to shame.