06 June 2009

No Mercy

... from this Murci.

Wrecked Beauty

What happen when you crashed your car?

Typically, you either repair it or scrap it.

Now you have another choice: Find a studio and some babes.

05 June 2009

Cornering 101 for The Playstation Generation

Do you know how to take driving lines through corners? I have limited track experience but do have a general understanding of the techniques required to go through fast turns, hairpins etc.

Despite reading up on books such as the Skip Barber Racing School's official guidebook, I must admit somewhat ashamedly that this article is the easiest for me to wrap my head around.

Keiichi Tsuchiya on F430 Scuderia

Screaming down Motegi at 9000 rpm with Keiichi, fantastico~!

Outdoor Mechanic

Here's one mechanic who love to workout in the great outdoor.

04 June 2009

In My Dreams

What should I drive today?

Promoted Stormtrooper

This Stormtrooper used to drive a Lotus...

But having killed enough of the resistance, he rose up in rank and gets a Lambo as a company car.

Japanese Tuning Show @ Silverstone

This high profile event happened at UK's Silverstone circuit on May 31st 2009 with Banzai magazine being the media partner. As such, plenty of high horsepower, after market tuned vehicles was on display. Photos courtesy of Chris Ulla.

Lust Magazine, Autoerotik, KL, Malaysia

Lust Magazine hosted an event with the theme, Autoerotik at Solaris Club, SohoKL on the 22 May 2009.

At the event there are 1000 Hp Supra, some R34 GTRs,

and of cos ... MODELS !

Source: The Clipping Point