10 April 2009

You spin me right round, baby right round

A couple of Lotuses at Pasir Gudang.

No comment on their driving techniques but you gotta admit that spins make for good viewing.

Brought to you by the good folks at Ascendant Motorsport. Check out their stuff here.

06 April 2009

300RR Sepang Hot Lap

Denis Lian + Lotus Exige 300RR = Sepang Lap 2'12"

Old video I know but still looks and sounds amazing everytime I look at it.

05 April 2009

HKS SG Garage R Time Attack S15 Rd 2

First the video, now the pictures. Ings+1 bodykit + Chargespeed carnards + Ganadors aero mirrors + SARD GT wing = Gorgeous

Don't you wish your enginebay is hot like this? I don't even know how to begin to list out the parts orgy before your eyes. HKS GT2835R SPL Turbine, HKS Step 2 Cams, Hypertune intake manifold, Garage Defend radiator cooling panel are stuff on my own S15's wishlist.

JDM porn. Endless 6 pots calipers with 345mm 2 piece rotors

Ikeya Formula everything...

The S15 in its natural habitat.

The real appeal of this car is that it represents the modified car owner's dream of having a vehicle that can take names and kick ass on the track easily, while still maintaining perfect functionality as a daily driven street car.

It's just a matter of time when this S15 go below 2'30" at Sepang. Stay tuned.

Matt Black Murcielago

Its oh-my-fucking-god-gorgeous...

I guess I'll just let the pictures do the talking for once.

Pictures courtesy of Eugene Seow