08 May 2009

Motley Crew

An interesting picture from last year's K1 event in Singapore (before the F1 night race).

How often do you see an Aston Martin, Lotus Elise, Nissan RPS13 and Toyota Chaser lined up on the same starting grid?

I just love the purity in purpose of Lotuses. A matt black paintjob makes this Elise look even tougher. I like.

07 May 2009

HPI Cover Evo For Sale

HPI always impress me with their coverage of mouthwatering Japanese car porn, and the same goes for issue 95's cover car, an Evo 7 GT-A christened as EFO by Jeff Ash who runs renowned Australia tuning house C-Red.

When asked on the almost outrageous claim on the cover, he replied "Yes it beat a Gallardo and a 575M when I won the Bullrun in it."

Amazingly, EFO is an automatic but redeeming features are top-of-the-line JDM parts incorporated into a reliable and good-looking street car. I guess there are demand for performance vehicles that won't break your left leg when you are stuck in traffic yet has the ability to whip supercars on the odd track day here and there.

The power parts list goes as follow: TP 3071R External Gat Turbo Kit - Wastegate plumbed in, HPI Manifold, Silicon Radiator Hose, Air Filter and Intercooler, Trust PE2 Exhaust, Metal Cat 4" Cat, Perrin Fuel Rail, Sard 700cc Injectors, Trust Cam Gears and belt, HKS Kansai Carbon Plug Cover and Strut Brace, Evo 9 RS Coilpacks. Recently installed 15k old Auto Box

Results? Made 303hp at all four wheels on All Star's Dynapacks up, more than doubling (!) from 150hp stock on Top Racing's 4wd Dyno Dynamics. Yes, Jeff and C-Red like their ponies.

EFO ran a a quarter mile in 14.4 seconds with a 96 miles terminal speed when it was totally stock, while the current guise will run a respectable 12 seconds.

As mentioned, this is meant to be a comfy daily driver and the interior reflects this inclination with a pair of comfortable Recaro SR-6 KK100 seats mounted on Recaro Low Mount Rails, Momo Evolution Steering Wheel, JDM-style Karo mats and custom door trims.

If you still can't get over the fact that its an auto, how about a pimpin' Works Bell Paddle Shift Conversion to make you happy? Spot the flappies behind the steering wheel.

Taking centre stage in the interior is a Pioneer deck with Bluetooth capabilities for your mobile phone, Greddy turbo timer and Tanabe Electric Active Suspension Controller for you to adjust suspenion dampening at the touch of a button.

Yep, Jeff loves his tunes as well. A pair of Eclipse 12" subwoofer in a custom enclosure to clear the HKS K rear strut brace. A Pioneer 6 disc CD changer completes the ICE set-up.

C-Red being a SSR dealer, EFO runs shiny Super Black Coat SSR MS1 19x9 rims with +28 offset to flush out the guards, which you can see from the picture below. Further attention to details are evident from the repainted Brembos and slash anodised hub covers.

Parting shot of this unique creation. Check out the rare Mines carbon rear lip and JDM rear Visor which is a dealer option in Japan only.

A well-executed build with top notch JDM parts and you can be assured extra attention is paid to achieve perfection because well... it's the boss' car.

So the price? A mere AUD 35,000. Do a rough calculation on the cost of parts alone and you will realize this C-Red demo car is a performance bargain.

Contact Jeff at jash@c-red.com.au before EFO is sold!

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06 May 2009

Baller of All Ballers

Definition of "baller" according to UrbanDictionary.com

(N) A thug that has "made it" to the big time. Originally refered ball players that made it out of the streets to make millions as a pro ball player, but now is used to describe any thug that is living large.

Forget the Lambos I have posted, this here is THE baller of all car ballers in Singapore. This guy owns the one and only street registered Zonda F in Singapore as well as the only Enzo in Singapore. Other lesser cars in his collection includes an F50 and an M3 CSL.

Having a garage like that is the only reason why I want to get filthy rich beyond imagination.

You Got Seoul!

While North Korea was busy preparing to shoot off missiles satellites, South Korea was busy manning the booths of the 2009 Seoul Motor Show.

05 May 2009

Big Yellow Bird

First the lime green one I posted a while back and now this Big Bird, Godzillas are coming in all sort of hues nowadays...

04 May 2009

Kratae-ing A Storm

Thai model, Kratae, in a charity car wash.

Name: Supaksorn Chaimongkol (ศุภักษร ไชยมงคล)
Birthday: December 2, 1982
Birth place: Bangkok, Thailand