02 July 2010

"Mrs" Late Night

Spotted hanging out late at night near my place. Tsk tsk :)

RAUH-Welt by 0-60

Turn up your speakers...

01 July 2010

Cruising Home

One of the pics of Ryo's car I didn't post up from the shoot we did recently. I like the gritty, street-racer feel of this shot. What do you guys think?

30 June 2010

WRC to Work

Awesome way to go to work everyday :)

29 June 2010

8 Outta 10

There's only 10 of the previous gen GTRs in Singapore and we can't import in any more due to the restriction against importing cars older than 2 years old...

Anyhow, here's a nice picture showing 80% of the Singaporean Godzillas' engine bays by Adrian Vanq.

28 June 2010

Super Whites

Picked up photography recently and did a shoot of Steve's STI and Ryo's S2000 today. Click here to view the album on Facebook and read about our shennigans :)