15 April 2010

Son of Porsche

The exact words of my dad when he saw this Daihatsu Copen. Go figure.

14 April 2010

Car Porn Up North

I was drinking last Friday night and Steve asked if I want to head up to Sepang for a track day. I said "Sure, when?" and the bugger said "Tomorrow morning 730am"

With my usual lack of judgement, I found myself blasting through the North South Highway in his STI the next day at 220km/hr and climbing... It got too shakey to take anymore photos after that.

Some say inserting this CD into your car's stereo will add up to 10 bhp...

We stop over at ST Wangan at Sunway as his Scooby's rear undertray got a bit loose and need to be fixed up. Can't say I mind as there's always plenty of automotive porn on display in the area.

Displayed proudly upfront was this R34 GTR with Volks rims and carbonfibre aero side-mirrors. I don't think my picture did it justice as it was just plain awesome in real life!

P.S. The car belongs to Leonard over at
The Clipping Point. Funnily enough, I seen his car in his blog so many times but don't recognize it when I see it in the flesh. As I said, pictures just don't do it justice!

Plenty of old school love as well. I believe this is a old Toyota coupe but I don't know the model Mazda RX3. Please help me out here?

In general, Malaysia's tuning scene has turned distinctly JDM and performance focused over the years, but apparently this ricer V35 Skyline with the horrendous widebody and GTR emblem is not getting on with the program.

When we hit Sepang, Steve and the rest of the drivers were listening to the safety briefing while I decide to wander the pits and saw these babies!

Oh my god, what great luck for me to chance upon the joint testing weekend for GT3 Asia and the GT4 Asia Cup 2010 season. Above are Team IMSS' trio of Ferrari F430s. Driver Andrew Luk claimed the fastest time on a damp track when he clocked 2:17.221. Pretty hairy stuff!

Team Craf brought along a Fiat Abarth 500 "just for fun", it wasn't part of the test session so I didn't get to find out how fast this thing could go around Sepang.

A "bunch" of 997 GT3 Cup S. One of them is driven by Singaporean Mok Weng Sun. The Team PCS Racing driver will be competing in both the GT3 Asia series and the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia. Mok set the second fastest time of the weekend, with an unofficial time of 2:07.812.

Team SPS Racing. made their appearance as the biggest group at the circuit with five Lamborghinis and their driver Choi drove the sensational new Lamborghini LP 560 GT3, setting the fastest time of the 2:07.400

It was great fun getting up close and personal with the GT racecars. Now if we can only get our street cars to this level of performance... :)

Photos: CarbonClad
GT3 & GT4 Asia Cup info: Asian Motorsports

13 April 2010

Racebred Technology

It's true, race technology filters down to normal cars and then finally everyday electrical appliances...

12 April 2010

The New Fezza has landed

According to The Business Times Weekend, the first of the new Fezza is in Singapore at Ital Auto's Leng Kee showroom, but here's the thing... It's in left-hand-drive (Singapore cars are RHD), a static display model that will be here for a week before it heads off to Indonesia next.

However, Ital Auto says more than 30 cars have been ordered so far at S$920,000 a pop, with the first car on Singapore roads before September this year.

Enjoy these photos courtesy of Nicholas.