20 March 2009

Singapore's one and only Kouki S14!

Silvias are known for the various front conversions that can be done, with the S15 front being one of the most popular (read: common).

Our man Raymond has a Zenki S14 and with no Kouki S14 officially or even parallel imported into Singapore, he set about to make his ride the one and only in Singapore.

Regular and eagle-eyed readers will remember his car looking like this.

After parting with much dough (a new set of bonnet, front bumper, headlights AND front fenders don't exactly come cheap), his S14 is transformed into a sharper and more intense looking creature.

So Zenki or Kouki, which one is your favourite?

19 March 2009

Lean, Mean and Green Drifter

I know I am supposed to focus on the Singapore and Malaysian scene but what's a Silvia lover to do when gorgeous photos of a professional drift spec S13 all the way from UK landed in my inbox?

The British Drift Championship 2009 is set to commence on 11th April 2009, with Donnington Park (new home of the British Formula One Grand Prix) being the first venue.

Our man John Glaister here will be contesting in the 5 round national drift competition. To ensure a good showing, he transformed his S13 from...

this plain Jane...

to this lean, mean, drifting machine.

LOOK - Paying homage to the temple of JDM comes easy when John's S13 is equipped with an Origin Lab body kit and a custom two tone paint job, Triumph Roulette green for the body and black metalflake for the roof. Mismatched staggered rims add to the drift look with SSR mesh rims in front and Work Emotion CRs at the business end. Keeping things steady at terrifying speeds is a drool wBuddy Club carbonfibre gt wing

GO - With the lightweight chasiss, response is the name of the game with the S13 running HKS' fabled GTRS turbo. Other bolt-on go-fast bits include the usual FMIC, headers and exhaust. This produces a highly linear 310 horsepower and 308 lbs/ft of torque.

TURN - Being a competitive drift car, the S13 has everything but the kitchen sink thrown into its suspension system. Read all this in one mouthful: RG type D coilovers with pillow ball top mounts, Driftworks front adjustable lower arms, rear adjustable upper and lower arms, adjustable tension rods, solid steering bush, rose jointed steering arms with angle spacers, Nismo front subframe and finally, Cusco front and rear strut braces......

STOP - Uprated R33 GTT 4 pot callipers are matched with ceramic pads and grooved discs all round. The handbrake system has been fitted with the customary drift button together with an additional Driftworks hydraulic handbrake.

John welcomes potential sponsors big or small, so if you are looking for exposure to the fast growing British drift market, drop him a mail at glaisterps13@aol.com to discuss further.

Here's wishing John all the best with the BDC a mere few weeks away!

18 March 2009

Skyline Gatecrashers!

3 muscular Skylines showed up during our recent Silvia gathering. Great pals of Silvia Club SG and easily more than 1200 ponies worth of inline-six, turbocharged, Nissan power shown above!

Actually this is a ER34. But nonetheless, the immaculate paintwork coupled with tasteful mods like Nismo LM GT4 (damnit, I couldn't find a photo showing off the gorgeous rims) and Brembo brakes (damnit again) equates to a great looker and performer.

Some say this is the fastest CityCab in Singapore... Jokes aside, this is daily driven by the ex chief moderator of Nissan Enthusiasts Club Singapore. Word of advice, don't mess with him on the North South Highway.

Lastly, regular readers will remember this GarageR-prepared monster in a previous post.

God, the deep rumbles of three RB25DETs revving in unison are enough to make babies cry and grown men weep...

Once again, props to Julian for the great photography.

17 March 2009

Boy Racer Grows Up (Slightly)

I guess this is what happen when you could no longer drive your RX7 or Silvia because you started a family, but would rather die than drive a MPV or a bland econobox. Cue the Lancer Evolution IX Wagon!

Judging from that cannon muffler, I am pretty sure his kids usually get to school on time....

16 March 2009

Carbon Clad Lotus

A rich and car crazy (I mean my words in a good and jealous way) Hong Kong guy got a carbon fiber body kit manufacturer to custom mold all the body panels and internal fittings of his Lotus Elise. Replacing everything and anything that is possible, he managed to shave a significant 100 kg (!!) off the already lithe roadster (stock weight 850kg).

This car should be the mascot for my t-shirt brand.

Check out the full write-up and more pictures on the SgPartsOnline page here.

Let's Get Down

Found this gem about downforce in the Nissan Infiniti Car Owners' Club.

BrianHarte, one of the forum members, posted an informative Drift Tengoku article that ran a test on the different amount of downforce generated by different rear wings on a zenki S14

Here's the overall results as shown on the graph, plotting downforce generated (dependant variable) against speed (independent variable) up to 150 km per hour. As shown from the lowermost gray line, the stock s14 with no wing experienced negative downforce (i.e. 'lift') of almost 40 kg! Now you know why your car feels 'floaty' when you are zooming along the North South Highway...

From ascending amount of downforce generated, we have the following results:

Stock wing generates a measly 3 kg of downforce. Well I suppose its better than having lift...

B Wave wangan/whale tail wing generates a surprisingly high 36 kg of downforce. My guess is that Wangan style wings have to compromise between downforce and top speed.

The Cusco GT wing shown above generates decent downforce of 62 kg, about the same amount of stability you will get if you have an average sized passenger in your car. Now we are talking...

Another Cusco GT Wing, the '3D' model with higher stands (from what I can gleam from the Japanese words) tops the comparison with 89kg of downforce.

If you analyse the data, some important findings can be observed:

1) Whether ancilliary aero aids like front carnards generate meaningful downforce. The test car has front carnards but as you can see the wingless S14 is still experiencing lift. However, no test was done on a wingless AND carnard-less S14 so we can tell how much downforce the carnards generated on their own. But I will venture a guess that it's not that alot.

2) Automotive aerodynamic design has come a long way and performance cars nowadays generate downforce right out of the box. I tried searching for data on the amount of downforce a R35 GTR generated but could only find that it has a low "coefficient of drag of 0.27" and "negative lift (downforce) generated at speed". A more specific quantification comes from the Dodge Viper ACR which generates 1000 lbs (454.5 kg!!) of downforce at 150 mph (240km/h)!

3) The most important finding: Wings are functional even at normal driving speeds. A common misconception (which I have previously as well) is that wings only come into effect at high speeds. But the data show that at 90km/hr (expressway speeds in Singapore), a S14 with a Cusco 3D GT wing is generating 40 kg of downforce versus the wingless version experiencing about 15kg of lift! That's a significant difference of 55 kg at normal speeds...

Some would argue about GT wings being too ricer for day-to-day cars. While I wouldn't necessarily disagree, at least the data shown here is that they are without a doubt, functional.

15 March 2009

Black-on-White Evo X

Spotted this white Evo X yesterday at Market Street. Vented CF bonnet, 12-spoke 18-inch rims and big Endless brakes combined for a tough street look. Anyone has contacts with the Evo X club in Singapore? Let me know if you do, perhaps it's time for Julian and I to do a club feature.