25 April 2009

Rice Is Nice 1

This takes the cake for most 'riced-up' car I have seen this year. Seen it this afternoon at Kim Chuan Lane when I drove out from ST Powered. BGW + rat rod paintwork + angled cannon for the win.

Seen any riced up cars recently? Email your contributions to gabriel@carbonclad.com today. Let's fight against tasteless car modding together!

24 April 2009

Vintage Couple

A pair of vintage Jeep and Vespa at Robertson Quay carpark. The Vespa is so cute that the security probably don't have the heart to fine it for illegal parking :)

2009 Auto Shanghai

While China is catching up with the rest of the world in term of Auto design, it is still worth looking at their show babes.

Introducing the Chinese "Rolls-Royce Phantom".

See more Chinese car here

Luckily their show babes did not follow their car designers foot step of trying too hard being European or Japanese.

See more 2009 Auto Shanghai Babes here

Valet Girls Hit by Credit Crunch

Valets Girls, even with an all female stunning valet crew is not spared by the current economic downturn.

To attract more business, they have rolled their rates back 10 years. Their rates now stand at $26 (same as in 1999) from a high of $36.

Even with a reduced rate, booking is still down by 60%, forcing the management to layoff 50% of their staff. Those who survived the chop is getting paid $8 per hour, down from $10.

Hang in there girls !

23 April 2009

Nice Calendars

Christ AG, proclaims themselves to be the producer of the world's best car wash system...

While, I can't verify that claim, I do know they produce one of the world's best desktop calendars!

Check these out:

PDF Link to Full Calendar:

Bikini Car Wash - FHM Visit

Halfway thru the car wash, 2 FHM gals came to pay a visit.

More pictures here

22 April 2009

Bikini Car Wash - Special Feature

Some guys requests for more pictures of the gal in the black and white bikini.

So here goes !

More pictures can be found here

21 April 2009

Rolls Royce's new V12

Rolls Royce is known for their reluctance to talk performance numbers like the usual car manufacturers. I think their rationale is that when you can afford a Rolls, you have transcended way WAY beyond comparing with Mr Jones' ride.

Being Carbon Clad though, we HAVE to tell you the numbers for the gorgeous example above which we seen recently - a twin-turbo V-12 engine displacing 6.6L and making over 500-hp. Torque figures have not been officially revealed but is speculated to be in the vicinity of a garguantuan 533lb-ft.

Oh, the 200ex experimental car housing this new engine is not too shabby as well.

Green With Envy?

Chrome rims on lime green cars usually induce an immediate cringe from me.

But this combination somehow works for this R35, differentiating it from the usual white-paintwork-offset-with-carbonfibre-bits path that most Singapore GTRs seem to go down.