20 February 2009

And in the beginning...

I am almost 100% sure that the Hyundai Genesis coupe is going to be the next big thing for the tuner market if they get the pricing correct (read cheaper than 370z and Evo X, about the price of a MX5). The looks are great, graceful and classic lines in a well proportionate body.

Look at the video and tell me it doesn't get your adrenaline pumping...

With the S16 being indefinitely delayed (which is good cos i think the concept looks ugly as f*ck) and the fact that there have been no lightweight, inexpensive, tuner-friendly, FR sportscar out in the market since the S15 gone out of production (I don't think the RX8, 350Z and S2000 meet ALL the criteria and I am sure most of you people out there will agree), there has been a huge void in the market for a platform to come occupy the do-rift-to space.

Sure the financial crisis is going to dampen sales somewhat, but there's so much pent up demand that the Genesis coupe is going to fly off the shelves anyway. The aftermarket is picking up on this car in a big way, which means only one thing - they have confidence enough people is going to buy and mod this car. So far, a Genesis is set to compete in Formula D and HKS has already launched parts for it.

After all is said and done, when the hell is the Genesis going to be launched in Singapore???

Fantastic Malaysian Car Blog

Well people, in between starting my new work and having my S15 rear-ended on Monday, I haven't had the time nor the inclination to write.

But, I had a great car blog for you guys and girls. Leo's The Clipping Point

This guy been blogging since late 2007, is Malaysian, drives a R34 GTR Nur Spec, his dad owns a car dealership with a fantastic stable of cars, is well-to-do (though that should be obvious by now)

BUT more importantly, he comes across as a regular nice guy and car lover.

Check it out!

17 February 2009

Gek Lim's 700bhp of fury!

Gek Lim is based at Defu Lane in Singapore and is one of the better known tuning garages in Singapore. Started in the 1980s doing general maintenance and servicing, they have evolved into a one stop modification shop, complete with a Dynapack 4WD Chassis Dynometer as well as being Singapore's authorized dealer for Haltech, Link ECUs and APS turbocharger kit.

As you can see from the picture, their clientele base is pretty eclectic, ranging from MPVs (albeit turbocharged ones!) to Mercedes to Subarus. There's even a 993 Turbo at the side, and a Toyota Celica GT4 hoisted up awaiting parts!

The Dynapack dyno connects directly to the wheel hubs allowing for more accurate torque/bhp readings compare to conventional dynos which might have problems with tyre spin. This baby reads up to 1000 bhp and that should be enough for all but the most insane of builds in Singapore.

A track-focused Evo awaits a replacement gearbox after the owner grenade the old one at Sepang F1 track. Oh well, you wanna play, you gotta pay.

Ok, a pretty left field choice here. Anyone can guess what car it is? A hint, its a Ford, there's only two of such models left in Singapore and this one packs more than 600 bhp!

Alas, the car which I went over specially to see, Gek Lim's own 10.3 sec drag WRX STI(in street trim!) wasn't ready for photo taking as the engine was out of the car for new conrods.

On a APS TSR70 turbo, with a Link Extreme engine management system tuned to Q16 120 octane race fuel, it puts out 700 bhp at the crank on all four wheels!

To compensate for my disappointment, the folks at Gek Lim kindly shared with me the car's dyno print out. Well, it'll have to do for now until we do a full feature next time.

15 February 2009

Evolusi KL Drift....

NOT! Sorry to disappoint you guys but this is not a post on the Malaysian drift movie influenced by The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, but on my friend Steven's S15. He's based in KL and is often seen at the various cool nightspots with his widebody URAS-kitted Lambo yellow S15. Its packing about 400 bhp courtesy of a HKS GTRS turbo

The vented bonnet helps to significantly shed engine bay heat, and is good for reducing water temperatures by about 3-5 degrees over a conventional bonnet.

I am not into chrome wheels but you can't argue with gold R34 GTR Brembos.

HKS Silent Hi-Power exhaust, Yashio Factory LED tail lights and a huge GT wing are things most people will spot when his car zooms past.

Lastly, a closer look at the fantastic carbonfibre weave of the GT wing and the two Bride seats playing peekabo.

Only thing you need when you have a car like this are long, endless roads, though all I got when I was up in KL were endless traffic jams. Oh well, you can't have everything :)

SX Appeal

I was reading an issue of HPI a while back and there's this article about a turbo install for a s14. The owner is Shannon O'Leary and she's a pretty familiar face on the Australian tuning scene. Here's pictures of her and her 'SXAPEAL'.

Many people must wonder whether the vanity plate refers to her car or herself...

Her S14 pounds the tarmac to the tune of 241 rear wheel kilowatts, and has a spec list that will put to shame many guys' rides. The trusty SR20 runs HKS 264 stage one cams, a fully forged bottom end, GTDW2833 turbo with everything controlled by the ubiquitous Power FC. Braking is uprated with R33 calipers and rotors.

Handling is paramount as she's VERY partial to B road drives and drifting, so HSD coilovers and Whiteline suspension arms (radius rod bushes, adjustable radius rods, lower control arms and rear upper control arms) allows fine-tuning of suspension geometry.

As she said "Its no longer just boys and their toys. Here come ladies and their babies!" Three other girlfriends of hers who drive Japanese performance cars as well.

As you can see, she's into everything with horsepower. All in all, she's pretty amazing, no?