15 August 2009

Buzzed at Wala

Always nice to chill over there once in a while :)

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Rat Rod 911

The matt black malaise has affected this Turbo too. Admittedly a very common look on Singaporean cars nowadays but I still like it if applied onto sports and supercars. No Corollas and Sunnies please.

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Bird versus Boxster

0-1 and warped in so many ways. But a good guess is that the environmentalists will rant while any car owners who had their cars shat on before will cheer.

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14 August 2009

Which is faster ?

Honda Fireblade CBR1000RR, a golf ball or a firecracker ?

Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond find out in another British show called Brainiac.

Nissan's Dunk For Charity (Part 2)

Next up: Winnie Heng of http://www.myfatpocket.com/roaringqueen

12 August 2009

Nissan's Dunk For Charity (Part 1)

Nissan Organised a Hot Summer Dunk For Charity on 1st August 2009.

First to get dunked that day was Naomo Liu. Her info as below:

Name :: Naomi liu
Blood Type :: B
Age :: 24
D.O.B :: 25 March 1985
Height :: 165
Weight :: 42
Religion :: Christian
Zodiac :: Aries

Her blog: http://naomiliu.blogspot.com/

She is such a sweetie. If I am there, I will sure not want to dunk her. Might even stand infront of her to protect her from being dunked. Let the ball hit me instead !

Photos by David Chua from ProjectRQ exclusively for Carbonclad and Karporn.