30 May 2009

Stroked, Wide and Black

Owned by Eddy, this black S15 is running a stroker engine, custom wide body with a M Sports front bar. Tough looking machine eh?

Rims are Volks' popular GTC and the rear has a unique combination of the Spec R spoiler paired with a ducklip.

Look out for a full feature in the future when I have time to sit down with Eddy.

Bikini Car Wash Set

Unknown washer but who cares. She is just so sweet !

29 May 2009

Sweetie Song Joo Kyung

Song Joo Kyung at the Korea Tuning Show 2009.

In between posing with the cars, she took a break to shoot some pools.

Name: Song Joo Kyung (송주경)
Birthday: September 12, 1981
Height: 174 cm

Set 1

28 May 2009

Left Leg Training Time

Silvia is now at ST Powered for a clutch change to a twinplate ORC559 as the old Exedy hyper single is slipping badly. According to Ogura, "the discs are the damperless type which will maintain durability and handle up to 550ps in addition to having excellent engine reponse with the lightweight chromoly flywheel."

A bit of a overkill for my current power level but got it 2nd hand for cheap at S$1,500 including installation, as the previous owner bought brand new, used it for a week and found it a bit too erm.. harsh.

Well, I'll know soon enough whether I can tolerate it.

Sexy Mechanic - The Intern

At the Karporn workshop, we got a new mechanic today.

While she managed to get in a few more customers, she fail to even do a simple oil change.

27 May 2009

Vintage Beauty

Vintage Car + Pretty Sweet Young Thing = Perfect Match

White Missile

A few great shots of a Porsche 997 GT3 from Eugene. Enjoy!

26 May 2009

Profile Of A Pro Racer: Tsugio Matsuda

30-year-old Tsugio Matsuda, two-time Formula Nippon champion and Super GT driver, was in town last weekend for a guest appearance during the mega Nissan roadshow at VivoCity. But he looked like he was about to step into his Impul Calsonic GTR and compete up north in Sepang instead. He was decked out in a smart red and white Nismo race suit, replete with Alpinestars shoes.

His PR lady explained, "It's for the photo taking sessions and it's really hot for him to wear this for the whole of today and yesterday."

Looking at Tsugio though, you immediately get the impression that this guy is a real professional, always smiling and accommodating to requests.

I commented to Tsugio that I for one don't enjoy wearing a race suit during my infrequent track outings. The translator conveyed my words and he replied with a humble smile that he is used to it.

For someone who started his motor sports career with kart racing in 1993, he is indeed accustomed to the rigours involved.

"I grew up watching F1 and was inspired by the driving feats of (Aryton) Senna," he reminisces. "My favourite driver now is (Fernando) Alonso."

I wonder if Tsugio sees some parallels between Alonso and himself. The former achieved two F1 championships in 2005 and 2006, but was subsequently mired into two difficult years, with a controversial 2007 season at McLaren and a rather insipid 2008 performance after returning to Renault.

Tsugio-san himself, after a heady two years of back-to-back championships for 2007 and 2008, had two DNFs in as many races for the 2009 Formula Nippon season due to brake problems. This leaves him with 6 remaining races to catch up with arch-rival and series leader Benoît Tréluyer's 19 points, whom he defeated narrowly with a single point to ascend the throne in 2007.

"In 2007, the set up of our car was fantastic and given that a Nissan-backed team has never won before in Formula Nippon, our desire for victory was overwhelming. This resulted in our inaugural victory for Impul (which exclusively produce aftermarket parts for Nissan) and Nissan."

"For 2008, we further refined our car, with all aspects including dampening, brakes and tires close to perfection. It was a great season. This year, we haven't had sufficient testing time for the new Swift Engineering chassis and the brake failures added to our problems."

I almost felt embarrassed asking Tsugio about his difficult start for 2009 but he shrugged it off and continued, "We are constantly testing and the new car will get better and better. I am still confident about the rest of this season." Spoken like the seasoned veteran he is.

Just to be safe anyway, I switched gears to his views on Super GT versus single-seater racing.

"Formula cars are lightweight and more precise in handling whereas GT cars are more heavy duty bruisers. The GTR we are currently campaigning is a good example."

On his favourite Super GT circuit among the seven (Okayama, Suzuka, Fuji, Sepang, Sugo, Autopolis and Motegi), he replied without hesitation "Suzuka because I was born there!"

"Also, it's the biggest Japanese track and F1 is held there," Tsugio added with visible pride and a wide smile.

I took a glance at his official bio and it listed his hobbies as golf, cycling and collecting train models. It's actually rather common for professional drivers not to list driving and cars as a hobby so I asked the other question that will reveal his passion for driving, if any.

What is his daily driver?

A quick response. "A Nismo Type 380RS, limited edition (only 300 copies) and for sale in Japan only." Yes, he is a driving enthusiast and a discerning one at that.

As if he can have anything but hi-octane fuel coursing through his veins when he already knew at the grand age of fourteen that "I have always wanted to be a 'pro racer'."

25 May 2009

Daihatsu Body Painted Babes

I am starting to love China Car Show Babes.

These pictures speak for themselves.