15 May 2009

Korean Race Queen - Yook Ji Hye

Introducing another hot race queen from Korea.

Name: Yook Ji Hye (육지혜)
Birthday: February 22, 1982
Height: 172cm
Weight: 52kg

14 May 2009

Singapore Race Queen

Something that is rare in my harddisk: Race queen from Singapore

Sarah Eclipsed

Introducing Sarah

And her NOS Charged Mitsubishi Eclipse

Sarah giving her car a wash before she goes for a drive.

Just before she set off, she will pop the bonnet for a routine check.

And ensure that the NOS tank is fully loaded.

And off she goes to the hottest bikini party in town.


13 May 2009

Sexy Car Wash Videos

Found some sexy car washing babes video on YouTube.

Not exactly new clips but still as sexy.


GoDaddy.com web only commercial:

Paris Hilton Spicy burger commercial ... yeah ... really spicy !

11 May 2009

"Tokyo Drift" Meets "Cars"

What will happen to the loser? He will become STOCK!

10 May 2009

Limited Competizione

Nobody does supercars quite like the Italians and the Alfa Romeo 8C Competitizione is one of the most gorgeous looking in recent history, not to mention its exclusivity.

The 8C will be built in a limited number of 500 and Alfa Romeo have earmarked the entire production run among several important markets. It is all sold out.

One has landed in Singapore. Check out specs here and showroom location here.

Silva Supper Club

About 12 of us gathered for supper at one of the prata shops opposite Beauty World in Upper Bukit Timah on Friday. Car talk after supper is mandatory as a matter of course.

The usual mutual 'poisoning' took place. Chris' huge Origin 3D GT wing garnered plenty of attention while Alvin's high-mount Greddy turbo was the envy of many. I am guessing many will be going parts shopping after the meet-up!

Everybody's rides are looking great. Look out for more individual features from Silva Club Singapore soon!

Rice Is Nice 2

A reader of the blog shared this abomination with me.

I can't quite put my finger on what's wrong...

Let me see, it could be the paint-job, colour-coordinated tri-spoke rims, the front fender vent, faux vent glued onto the rear doors..

Or it could just be the GTR badging, twin rectangular exhaust tips and last but not least, the ginormous wing mounted weirdly in a 3 point format to the roof and the boot.