17 July 2009

Old School Jap Car Cruise

Old school is cool! All you owners of Japanese cars of model year '89 and older, come on down.

I am going to cheat and go in my '02 S15, seeing that my dad's original Mini Cooper (Nippon love only!) doesn't qualify anyway as well.

For more details, give Chris a holler.

Mit GTO with Corvette rear

Spotted this gem of a GTO two days back at Ubi. Fresh paintwork.

I cant recognize the rims (RE30?), anyone can tell me? Please don't tell me the hubcap is a stock Ferrari item though....

Rear conversion to Corvette-sque lights. See the difference between the stock and modded examples. I rather like the modded example.

15 July 2009

Survivor Drift

The second season of "I Survived a Japanese Game Show" is airing right now and this episode has some great JDM car content. Drifting and car styling!

Sorry for lack of updates

I have been busy and feeling unwell. MJ's busy with his new princess so nothing from his end either.

We have accumulated plenty of materials though, so posting will resume tomorrow.

13 July 2009

MJ's new princess

Normal race queen pictures service will resume in due course by MJ. Meanwhile, have a look at his little princess instead.

Congrats to MJ and his wife for their new baby girl! The little bundle of joy weighs 2.935kg and arrive yesterday at 931am.