18 April 2009

Love my car, love my tee

I'll like to announce with great delight that Singapore's leading business daily, The Business Times has featured our sister site (www.carbonclad.com) today in their Shopping section.

John Tan, my brother, marketing manager and co-founder, was interviewed.

'In the past, car lovers and motoring fans were limited to either low quality bootleg merchandise or paying through their noses for imported shirts... Carbon Clad was started to offer these people an affordable but good quality alternative when looking to buy motoring t-shirts.'

Damn, it's a happy day for us. :)

Bikini Car Wash

When the water, cars, cameraman and babes are still cold.

Just like the engine cold starting in the morning: so calm so quiet so peaceful. Even the brake needs to be warm up before they bite.

Same as these gals, they need to warm it up !

Which luckily they did in the afternoon ...

More photos here:
Morning Session
Afternoon Session

Nissan's News: GTR at the Ring and a New Skyline Crossover

There are just so much exciting stuff coming from Nissan these days.

Firstly, A JDM GT-R driven by Nissan's chief test driver, Toshio Suzuki, recorded a blistering 7min 27.56 secs on 16th April.

And guese what, they are still unhappy with that run: "Although dry, the track surface grip was impaired by dust and sand. Under the direction of Nissan GT-R Chief Vehicle Engineer, Kazutoshi Mizuno, and depending on conditions, the Nissan test team will attempt another record at the ‘Ring tomorrow."

All the best Guys !!!

Next, from Japan, Nissan has announced a new Skyline Crossover powered by a VQ37VHR engine with VVEL technology. I think it look great !

The official Nissan Skyline Crossover site (Available in Japanese only)

And finally, LSD Design releases these doors for the R35 GTR. You can have a pair if you are willing to part with about S$ 5,000.00.

Yellowbird versus Godzilla Battle Royale

The R35 GTR is undoubtedly a work of technical perfection.

It is the fastest production car at the 'Ring at 7:27 (the old timing of 7:29 was broken a few days ago)

But after watching the R35's hot lap above, contrast that with the icon that started the 'Ring production car time attack craze, the Ruf CTR Yellowbird.

Yes, the technologically advanced GTR is a whole 30 seconds faster than the 1987 Yellowbird, a non-electronic-assisted-anything, twin-turbos, rear-wheel-drive battle chariot.

But tell me, which footage makes you clench your fists, sit at the edge of your seat and pray that the car don't crash? And amazingly, it doesn't.

Yes, I will never drive even one-tenth as well as Nissan’s Chief test driver Toshio Suzuki.

But that doesn't stop me from being in awe of the steel balls of the unknown maniac that drove at eleven-tenths for 8 minutes. In traffic.

17 April 2009

The New Pony Paying "Respect" To The Old

A cake and birthday greeting card written on the tarmac, so sweet of the new Genesis Coupe. Awwww...

Miss Tuning Finalists 2009

If only these are my Tuners !

While I am still sorting out the car washing bikini babes pictures, here some pictures of the finalists competing for the title of Miss Tuning in Tuning World Bodensee in Germany which is happening from 30th April to 3rd May 2009.

The winner will get a SEAT Ibiza SC, a Microsoft Xbox 360 and a full article feature in this blog.

The official Commercial:

The Babes:

Donuts from the new Fairlady, anyone?

Got this off Jalopnik's

Smacks of viral marketing but still great nonetheless! I will risk subliminal advertising just to see the new Fairlady do some smokin' hot donuts.

16 April 2009

MJ reporting in

Dear Charcoalx,

First you steal pictures of my mechanic from my blog without telling me (Ok I stole it from others too).

Next, you force me to share all my pictures with you.

Finally, you threaten me that if I do not help to contribute in your blog, you will tell my wife about my mechanic. (Gggrrrr !!!)

That's why I am here now.

A little bit about myself. I am sure you guys can guess my gender and is not interested in my age and hobbies :P

I am very much a big fan of F1 and all GT series races (especially Super GT, formerly known as Japan GTC). Super GT is way too cool as you will get to see prancing horses and raging bulls being over taken by rolling Sushi. And they got the best race queen in the world ! ! !

(Taken by me in Super GT Round 3 in 2006)

Will do some posts on the GT machines and babes later.

Currently working on posting up some bikini babes washing cars that I found in my old harddisk.

OK. This is by far the best intoduction about myself that I had ever done. (Have I even done it yet ?)

Hope you guys will like my postings.



Purveyor of Fine Car-Related Females

For loyal readers of my blog, I apologized for the lack of updates over the last week or so. Work and personal stuff have been getting a bit overwhelming.

To get posts up on a regular basis, I have been thinking of getting additional contributors for the blog who meet the following criteria

1) Knowledgeable car enthusiast
2) Loads of stuff to post
3) Different style from mine

After much persuasion, I have gotten MJ of KarPorn to come on board!

In his own words, he started KarPorn because he "get more satisfaction looking at cars then looking at scantily dress women..."

But he's into scantily dressed women too!

He continues to explain, "So in here, you will get motoring related stuff that make me HIGH. And yes, women. Not just your normal R or X rated women, but women who work closely with cars..."

You will get the idea after reading his first few posts, and I have no doubt you'll like his stuff!

*round of applause!

13 April 2009

My New Mechanic

Brought my car for an oil change a couple of days ago and sadly, the boss told me that my usual Malaysian mechanic has gone back home and is replaced by a new person. I guess I just have to make do...

She isn't very experienced and keeps looking over for affirmation.

Being kind-hearted, I let her practice changing my rubbers as well.

Pictures courtesy of MJ, who dig it out from god-knows-where. Check out his new blog, aptly titled Kar Porn