02 May 2009

The Recession and S15s

I still remember when I bought my S15 almost three years ago. The economy was booming and I took a long time before securing the car at a reasonable price. Back then, sometimes there wasn't even a single S15 listed on sgcarmart.com.

Nowadays, there's anything between 4-6 S15s on sale, which is a lot considering that this number represents more than 10% of the S15 population in Singapore.

As they say, it's a buyer's market now and if you have the means, it's a great time to be snapping up one of these collectibles at historically low prices. Some of the S15s are going for S$6k depreciation per year, a 50% (!!!) drop from the prices two years ago.

For that price, you get a slow slung JDM sports coupe from the golden age of Japanese sports cars, where RX7s, Supras, Silvias and GTRs rule the Wangan.

Oh yes, did I mention the exclusivity? No more than 50 S15s in Singapore means you won't be seeing every Tom, Dick and Ah Beng driving past in one.

If you are in the market for a sports car in Singapore, go get a S15 NOW.

01 May 2009

Colour Coordination For Men

It's not just the prerogative of girls to color coordinate their outfits. Apparently guys should do that with their Porsches' rims and side mirrors as well.

And in case people mistake yours for a run-of-the-mill 997, proudly proclaim the edition number with hugeass side decals in aforementioned colour scheme.

30 April 2009

Korean Race Queen - Hwang Mi Hee

Here's one of Korean hottest race queens.

Name: Hwang Mi Hee (황미희)
Birthday: January 21, 1982
Height: 174cm
Weight: 51kg
Vital: 35-24-35
Hobbies: Movies, Music, Reading, Exercise
Motto: Practice makes perfect
Favorite Car: Porsche, Bentley
Profession: Model and Race Queen

Korean Race Queen 101

We already knew that Japanese race queens are sexy, fun, sporty, cheeky and pretty.

Lesser known are their Korean counterparts, who can match the Japanese girls anytime!

Check them out :)

Ahn-YONG haSEHyo !!!

SX Appeal 2

Remember our lovely friend Shannon (her of the horsepower 'fetish' and 'ladies with their babies' quote fame) ?

Where in the world does she find her fellow Silvia-driving femme fatales?

If you don't get drifting, this one's for you

The guys at Rogue Status present Formula D Long Beach in a way only they can. Do you want a whole new view/perspective on the Formula Drift series? All you have to do is tune into this great video the guys at Rogue Status cranked out for you. It has it all and highlights the two Scion tC's they sponsor the most. Don't miss it!

Courtesy of Wrecked Magazine

29 April 2009

Dark Knights

In addition to Nicholas, seems like Eugene was at the Lambo cruise as well!

Interesting thatalthought two photographers are at the same event, you end up getting a totally different vibe from the event. Nicholas' shots are more cosmopolitan whereas Eugene's compositions are gritty and in-your-face.

While these cars (and their owners) are hardly shrinking violets, there is just something I love about the understated-ness of a pair of black Lambos. It says, "I am trying to be inconspicuous but look at me anyway."

Right before the central mounted exhaust roar to life and burst your ear drums.

Once again, saving my favourite photo for the last. Batman returns...

28 April 2009

Road Side Assistance

A friend's car broke down and he called for road side assistance. As we are rushing for time, he told the company to send someone with the best experience.

They send us Jessie! We are not sure at all that if she can fixed the car.

She claimed that she is the best in this business and has served many satisfied customers by the road. But this is the first time she had to service 2 pistons at a go. OMG! Did she meant that 2 pistons in the VW engine are spoilt!!?

We asked her how long she need to service each piston, she turn around and told us that with her experience and skill, she can typically do one in 15 minute.

We told her that we are rushing for a meeting and if she can do it right now and can finish the job in 30 minutes, we will allow her to do it.

Once we said that, she throw away her tops! Erm, I think she did that so as not to dirty her pristine white top...

She then asked: "Which piston should I service first"

We told her to quickly service both at the same time as we are running late.

She told us that to service one at a time, its $200 each, but to do both at the same time, its $500.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! She think we can't count ?! 2 x $200 = $400 but she wanted $500.

She explained that things can get very messy if she got to do 2 at a go.

We told her that at the backyard garage, we can get the piston service at $100 each. We just did that months ago, servicing 4 at a go, got a group discount and paid $350 in total only!

She stared at us disgustedly and say that her services are the best and she doesn't give discount.

By then, we are running late and VERY disappointed with her bad attitude, so we called for a cab and a tow truck.

She got very angry, shouted at us and left.

I urge all readers to stop using this company if your car break down. The service is really lousy and they have really bad attitude.

By the way, this is the number my friend called: 1900-RoadFun.

Lambo Cruise in Singapore

Nicholas just went on a Lambo cruise last weekend and we got these gorgeous photos for you people to drool over.

Let's start off with a blindingly white Murcielago..

Lambos as far as your eye can see! Zoom out and you realize the whole lot of them is at Changi Airport. See the famous control tower in the distance?

Bet you that when the V10s and 12s are revving, they are louder than the jumbos landing and taking off.

In view of current sentiments, I don't think it's such a great idea to pose with your expensive toys in front of Citibank...

Signature scissor door opened, a glimpse into the interior of this raging bull.

Saving my favorite photo for the last. Imagine stopping at this traffic light and thinking "EuroSports Auto having clearance prices for white Lambos?"

Photo Credits: Nicholas Tan

More. Track. Focused.

Pagani Zonda R. What more could you want?

Form Follows Function (S2K)

GT mirrors (Craft Square?), mismatched front & rear rims imbue this S2000 with a track-oriented vibe, which is contrasted nicely with how clean the rest of the car looks.

These should be RE30 rims custom painted Takata green. As proclaimed by some track junkies, "Brake dust adds character to a car..."

More goodies behind - a 3D GT wing and J's Racing exhaust round up the rest of the package.

Goes to show that small, tastefully applied mods are sufficient to transform the S2000 from subdued-looking roadster to a purposeful street/track machine. Nice!

Photo Credits: Eugene Seow

27 April 2009

Dino Juice Delivery

Somebody's red drift weapon has a serious new fuelling system. How does an an in-tank Walbro 255, external ATL fuel pump and surge tank, linked nicely together with Earl's fittings and steel braided hoses sound to you?

MJ's Mechanic 3

Remember the Black R34 Skyline that Charcoalx talk about in February?

I think Karporn have found his mechanic and tuner.

The Dyno Dynamics dyno can take twin turbos generating up to 1000 bhp.

Safety is important. Racing harnesses equipped with extra bolstering.

All in all, quite a good workshop, don't you think?

Check out my (dream) mechanic 1 and 2 here.

26 April 2009

Korean Race Queen - Hwang Mi Hee 2

More of Hwang Mi Hee.

I don't think I will ever get sick of seeing her :)

Hope you guys like her too.