07 March 2009

R35 V Spec & Nismo 370Z

Some random snaps from Dino Dalle Carbonare, JDM snapper extraordinaire.

The badge says it all...

When will the V Spec arrive in Singapore? Check out the JDM license plate number "23" which reads as Ni San in Japanese. (Please jump off the nearest building if you don't get it)

And the ride provided to him for the weekend. We haven't even got the 370Z here in Singapore yet and he's already trying out the Nismo version. C'est la vie...

06 March 2009

The (American) Empire Strikes Back

Vaughn Gittin, self-coined as a 'drifting rock star', is known for his balls out driving style, distinctive blue and green 650 hp Team Falken Ford Mustang as well as beating the Japanese at their own game.

His notable feats include becoming No. 1 at the 2005 D1 Grand Prix America vs. Japan, a result no one had predicted beforehand, and a follow-up championship act during the 2007 D1 Grand Prix USA All-Star World Championship held at Irwindale Speedway.

With most American tuners going JDM, I think its rather fitting that Vaughn is the one going the other way and flying the star spangled banner at the Land of the Rising Son.

Here's two interesting videos.

Vaughn goes on the street of Osaka with his left-hand drive Mustang GT. I wonder how he managed to restrain himself from turning into oncoming traffic when filtering.

Vaughn gets the Mustang on the Bihoku Circuit. 550bhp supercharged Mustang + tight twisty drift circuit + pro drift driver = tyre smoke + do-rift-to!

F430 by Nicholas Tan

Hailed as one of the best Ferraris ever and already a modern classic, the F430 combined supercar credentials (483 hp at a screaming 8500 rpm and a sphincter-clenching top speed of 317 km/h) with impeccable street manners.

So its equally at home....

Cruising along the beach

Tearing up its natural habitat

Or simply just painting the town red.

I reckon the F430 has all the useful functionality of a LP560-4 Gallardo then.
Photo credits: Nicholas Tan

Silvias at Pasir Gudang

A couple of friends driving S15s were at Johor Racing Circuit (commonly known as Pasir Gudang) today. Here's some photos:

Great picture composition! But....

S15 in Vertex widebody kit + Civic Type R blue = identity crisis? The owner's previous ride was a Civic FD2. Go figure...

Cooling off after a few hot laps.

Imagine my shock when I found out my friend is actually The Stig...

What a great way to spend the day!

Too bad I am stuck in the daily grind. Also, my car is at ST Power getting some minor mods and then a dyno tune this Saturday by Furugawa-san! More on that soon.

Attaining The Unattainable

The modifying food chain works this way: if you have a normal FD2 Civic, you mod it to look like a FD2R and when you have a Lancer EX, you rice it up to look like a Evo. Not what I would do, but that's the way things are.

So what do you do when you already have the top dog FD2R, but you still have the limited edition (300 only worldwide) Mugen RR and unattainable concept-only Mugen RR Experimental Spec above you?
Well a genuine Mugen RR bonnet and yards of dry carbon sticker goes a long way...

And before you start getting purist on me, check out the big dollar AP brakes. And this car is definitely packing more than the stock 200ps.

This is no ordinary wannabe. This is merely a means of attaining the unattainable.

Photo Credits: Eugene Seow

05 March 2009

Gundam Robot or Italian Siren?

If only looks and performance are taken into consideration (read: no flaming comments about how the GTR 'only' cost S$250,000 while the F430 is THREE times that), which one will you choose?

The GT-R’s angular lines and high-tech vents, inspired by giant Gundam robots? The Ferrari's curvaceous Pininfarina design that looks so dramatic from all angles?

Photo credits: Nicholas Tan

04 March 2009

der Röte Baron

A Facebook friend ask me to check out his car pictures and viola~ You can't go wrong with a Boxster 987S beefed up with a M's GT3 bodykit. The car hugs the tarmac courtesy of a H&R PASM lowering kit.
In addition to this striking red cabriolet featured which he tracks around Sepang sometimes, the lucky guy also has a drift ready S15 which we'll feature some other day. Spot the subtle yet cool Singapore GP decal on the rear fender and the Gemballa carbon fibre spoiler.

Hmmm, should I take the red, black or yellow today?

Whats better than driving the car you love? Cruising down the streets in style together with your buddies, who also happen to be driving Porsches. Life ain't so bad!

Multiple Tricks Pony

Who says supercars are one trick ponies? This LP560-4 must be the most feature-packed Lambo yet

Features included are:
Phone Numbers Collector
Anti Boredom Assistant
All Clubs Entry
Territory Protector and more!

Credits: I saw the video on Leo's The Clipping Point and it's so good I just have to share it here.

Nocturnal Shooter - Julian Poon

I admit (rather readily) that I am tired of my own sub-standard photography. But that's alright, because we all should do what we do best. Back in the day, my Economics lecturer told me that this concept is called 'comparative advantage'.

So on that note, it gives me great pleasure to announce that Carbon Clad Cars has teamed up with one of the most profilic lensmen for Singapore's bustling motoring scene - 27-year-old Julian Poon.

Being a car nut himself (read: one of us), Julian's previous rides include a R34 GT-t and he currently drives a Mk5 Golf GTi. He started shooting way back in 1998, and his portfolio includes work for several of Singapore's most prominent car clubs including Singapore Accord Club, Subaru Legacy, BMW-SG and VAGSG.

Night shoots are a signature of Julian, as he likes to bring out the nocturnal mystique of our beloved cars. In the very near future, we will present more collaborative efforts between Carbon Clad Cars and Julian Poon.

Watch this space!

03 March 2009

Let us be silent...

Warning: Long poignant post ahead.

Sport Compact Car is one of the car magazines that I read regularly. The people who write and produce the magazine are circuit racers, speed junkies and car geeks. In other words, they are our kind of people .

So its with great sadness that I read the March copy as its their swansong issue. They have been around for 15 years and have been covering the modified Japanese car scene before it was even a scene, where it started with the drag wars where impossibly fast Hondas broke into the 10s, 9s, 8s and 7s. Through the Fast & The Furious-created hype where every man and his dog wants to be 'JDM'. And finally drifting and time attack.

And now what?

I read with pride Jay Chen's words that 'If you are reading this it means that you are a true car geek and a survivor. If you are still driving your tuned import, you're not just some kid out to chase tail and look cool.'

And with sadness when he lamented that 'import tuning will never be the same again. Say goodbye... to being part of the mainstream... One day your kids will look at you as we once looked at hot-rodders, old men and women obsessed with a bygone era fixated with antiquated technology.'

I still remember the look of pride my dad has on his face 20+ years ago when look at his original Mini. It was painted a fiery red and looks impossibly tough with a custom fab roll cage.

I didn't understand his emotions back then. I do now.

Perhaps my future kids will too, if they could pull themselves away from Gran Turismo 8 long enough to appreciate real cars.

02 March 2009

Matt Black Malaise

The American rat rods started the matt black style way back in the day, as the general idea was to focus on the engineering and racing aspects while giving the finger to looks.

In recent years, the Japanese revive the look with Rauh Welt being arguably the workshop most associated with the style. If you have been following the Japanese car scene, you would have seen Rauh Welt's matt black Porsches and S15 at one point or the other.

I like this look to a certain extent and some people have carried out the look well in Singapore, such as:

The local R35 photographed by Vanq that caused a storm in Singapore, percolated over to NAGTROC and even Speedhunters.

I even have a friend that sprayed his S15 matt black a la Rauh Welt and given that the guy thrash his car regularly at Sepang, you know the looks are suitably cool.

This Porsche Carrera isn't half bad either.

Performance cars going fast, looking tough and incognito. That's all good.

But when I see Kia Ceratos, Honda Crossroads and other econoboxes doing the look, with CHROME RIMS adding to the insult, you just know that it became just too much of a good thing.

T-Shirts for Car Lovers!

The Carbon Clad Cars blog is pleased to launch our sister site CarbonClad.com, providing 100% cotton tees with exclusive motoring designs.

I assure you that you won't find these designs on any other t-shirt labels as I worked tirelessly with a couple of graphic designers who are as car crazy as I am to come up with these original babies.

We have Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Subaru, Toyota, Drift, Drag, Time Attack.... If its JDM, and its cool, we have it!

We ship internationally using registered mail and each T-shirt is only going for S$30 (approx US$20). From now til 31st March, key in coupon code 'CC' when you make your purchase for an additional 20% off! You know I love you...

Go on visit the site, buy a tee or two if you like the designs and tell your friends about it. Spread the love!

01 March 2009

Northern FD RX7 and RE-Xtreme

Saw one of our northern brothers' FD RX7 in town a while back. Perhaps Eu Jin's friends know the owner of this car?

I don't know much about rotaries but everyone can admire the bodywork of this nicely put together white beauty.

On a related note, for those who wants to see more of FD RX7s, look no further RE-Xtreme's amazing blog. The blogger's name is Russ. He's based in Japan and goes to Tsukuba regularly to capture the track antics of RX7s. He owned a couple of awesome RX7s but currently drives a MX5. Living the dream...